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Hiking can be easily be described as a long walk in the countryside or walking along a trail . In the past , walking or hiking , was left to the poor and the vagrants . Today however , hiking has become a very popular activity for people who want to enjoy nature , get into better physical shape , and relax from the stresses of their workplace . Hiking is perhaps the easiest outdoor activity to get started in and if practiced with the right mindset , the most refreshing . At a minimum , hiking can be started with only good footwear and comfortable clothing . Proper footwear cannot be overly emphasized . This will determine the level of comfort you enjoy and whether you want to ever go hiking again .

As you progress from walking to HIKING , you will want to consider carrying a few items with you to make your experience safer and more enjoyable . Here is a short list of items you should carry .

  • water
  • a map and compass
  • extra clothing ( for the season )
  • rain wear
  • food/snacks
  • knife
  • waterproof matches or a lighter
  • headlamp
  • small first aid kit
  • and a not-too-big backpack to carry it all


In addition to these items , your cellphone and of course , don’t forget to tell someone reliable , where you are going! As you gain MILEAGE , you will need to update your training and equipment to match your new skill set . Please feel free to comment on the above and ask any and all questions you may have about this wonderful form of recreation .

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    • Hi Linda and thanks for visiting my website . I am always happy to receive comments from fellow outdoor/nature enthusiasts . I am even happier to hear that you want to teach your grand children compass navigation . There are many compass manufacturers . The better ones that I have owned were the Silva Ranger and I now use a Suunto Global . As in all outdoor equipment , there is a wide range of prices . Prices can start in the 10 dollar range and can quickly climb to over 200 dollars . For young children and teaching , I would stay in the lower range as the principles and theory remain the same . A young ” explorer ” with a hundred dollar compass , will find his way back to his grandma with a frog and NO compass .

      I have never used a compass in underwater navigation and I would really like to hear about your use of it . Please tell me about this when you have a moment . Again , thank you for the visit and I hope to see you again .

      I have started a 10-part series on ” How to Survive in the Wilderness ” , which is coming out shortly . I hope you can find the time to read it and offer suggestions .

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