Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 in the Wilderness

My Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K in the Wilderness

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My Early Days as a Photographer

Having spent many years in the wilderness , I am always inspired and amazed by the Natural beauty of this awesome planet . To me , each and every forest , plain , river or mountain that I visit or travel through is more beautiful than the last .

This Natural environment always inspires , always relaxes me and always appears to do the same , to the many millions of people who spend countless hours outdoors , in the wilderness . I have always been captivated by the colors , the landscapes and the awesomeness of the natural world .

Very early in my explorations , I wanted to capture these scenes of beauty , but as a young boy , of modest means , I was limited to simple , inexpensive cameras . These modest tools of photography , while not professional in their results , none the less gave me pictures that I still cherish to this very day .

With time and savings , I began to slowly upgrade the cameras I used and the quality of the photographs that I was able to take . Disposable Cameras , Point and Shoot Cameras and , of course the ubiquitous Cell-Phone Camera .

It is true that all these cameras produce photographs of various quality and memories that last a lifetime , however it is without debate that superior quality photographs can only be produced with high quality equipment and highly trained individuals .

Below this level of professionals are the semi-professionals . People like myself that are limited by their equipment and training . We all have to start somewhere , and this is usually not at the top . The quality of our work is always the result of our equipment , training and dedication to our craft . The equipment we use , its ease of operation and quality are always a factor in the final result .

Fast Forward To My Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K

After readings pages and pages of reviews and interviewing many Camera Shop individuals , I finally decided to purchase the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 4K . This is what I received in the basic package .

The Package

Included in the box was ; 1) the Camera ,  2) the Battery ,  3) the Charger ,  4) the Lens Hood ,  5) the Lens Cap ,  6) a USB Connection Cable ,  7) Basic Owner’s Manual ( 1 English and 1 French , Canadian version ) ,  8) 1 DVD  – Software , use it to install the software on your PC – Owner’s Manual for advanced features : Use it to install to your PC .  9) the Shoulder Strap and  10) the Hot Shoe Cover – this is attached to the camera at the time of purchase .

A Few Extras That Were Required

Not included but necessary were an SD Memory Card and a Protective Carrying Case to ensure the well-being of my investment . I did own a tripod and this is always a good addition to any camera of this quality . This camera has Image Stabilization so while a tripod isn’t always required , it is very nice to have .

While not included in the basic camera package , these items are a great addition and will contribute greatly to the quality of your photographs .

These items are ; 1) Various Filters , 2) Stereo Shotgun Microphone , 3) Flash , 4) Shutter Remote Control , 5) AC Adapter and 6) a DC Coupler .

As I acquire more experience with my Panasonic Camera , I am sure that new additions can be added to my equipment package so that I can produce better quality photographs .

I must also mention that Panasonic has included an excellent Manual and DVD that very clearly describes the functions and capabilities of this excellent piece of equipment .

A Link To My Photographs

This link to my Google + account ,  https://www.google.com/+PaulBoudreau14  contains many of the photos that I have taken with my new camera . I have NO photography  training other than the information in the manual and a few sessions at my place of purchase by the kind people who were involved in the sale .

I will continue to post my Photographs at Google + and later at my website , https://outdoortech4u.com/ As you can see , some of these photographs are some wheres  between NICE and GOOD .

This is the result of my limited experience in photography and with my new camera . It is very forgiving and very user-friendly and I have to humbly admit that sometimes I get Lucky and bring a photograph home that I am quite proud of !

Some Thoughts

I will not go into the technology and specifics of this great camera in this blog . I will continue to study the functions and capabilities of this equipment and with time and experience , the results will speak for themselves . I want to thank the many people that visit my sites and comment on my work . Your comments and suggestions are appreciated and very encouraging to the novice that I am . Again , thank you and Make Time to spend in the Wilderness .


I am an avid outdoors enthusiast , and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors . The mountains and rivers , ... and everything in between ... are always calling me . Nature is my sanctuary and my connection to God !

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