Ten Things You Should Know About Fishing

1   Fishing records date back to the early Paleolithic Era ,  40,000 years ago . Fish bones and cave paintings show that fishing was a major source of food for early hunter – gatherers . Fish could be caught nearly everywhere and this played well in the nomadic life style of early man . Early fish hooks were made of bone . FISH is a noun and a verb !

2   What is your target species ? The fish that you are trying to catch has a very specific life style in a very specific habitat . If you are fishing for trout on a river , on a lake or in the ocean , your methods , equipment and outdoor tech will vary greatly .

3   Regulations … they are there for a reason . Without some form of management ,  fish species would not stand a chance against man’s intelligence and greed . Regulations will stipulate , where to fish , your daily quota , size of the fish , time of year and many other factors including water- specific and in-season regulation changes .

4   Catch or Release ! Whether you decide to keep or release the fish you hook is a very important consideration . If you are going to release your fish , do not prolong the fight , do not bring this fish to exhaustion . Do not squeeze the fish . Do not put you fingers into the gills . If you are on a river , point the fish upstream , when it begins to struggle and remains upright – let it go .

5   The fishing pole , the reel , the line and the terminal tackle you bring to the body of water you fish is outdoor tech personified !

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6   The type of water you fish is to be considered . If you fish a river , a lake or the ocean – methods vary greatly . For beginners , lakes and rivers are a good place to start . Ocean fishing is usually done from a boat , so unless you have a friend who owns a boat , a fishing guide and boat charter service is an option to explore .

7   There are many fishing techniques and these vary with the water body you fish . Bait fishing , fly-fishing , trolling and ice-fishing can be practiced on lakes . Rivers can be fished by spin-casting , fly-fishing and with center-pin reels .

8  Boat or no boat . Many hard-core fishermen spend their entire lives walking the banks of a favorite river or the shoreline of a lake , while others would never think of fishing without a boat .

9   Preparation as a food . If you are going to keep your catch it must be cleaned quickly and ideally placed on ice until you arrive home . Learn how to clean your fish . Open your fish along the belly remove all the internal organs and blood along the backbone . Remove the gills and scales . Scaling the fish will remove the slime that protects the fish while it’s in the water . Fish can also be filleted . Be sure to check your regulations . If you are approached by a Conservation Officer , he has to be able to determine the specie and size of your catch .

10   Safety ! Safety should always be a concern . In your day to day activities or in any sport or hobby you participate in . If you are on a river bank or a lake shore , remember that the banks can collapse without warning . Outdoor Tech in the form of a Personal Flotation Device – ( a life jacket ) is an inexpensive way to get you home safely ! Statistics prove their usefulness every year .

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I am an avid outdoors enthusiast , and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors . The mountains and rivers , ... and everything in between ... are always calling me . Nature is my sanctuary and my connection to God !


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