The Benefits of Walking for Seniors

The Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Easy to Get Started

If you are a “baby-boomer”, or in the over-60’s club, this short blog is written especially for you.

Here are 5 guaranteed benefits that walking brings me.

After you finish reading my post you will want to jump into your walking shoes and begin a disciplined walking program.

I walked hereConsider this well-documented fact.

Less than 50% of Americans exercise at a level that meets the minimum standards for good health.

Walking is the easiest and the most affordable way to solve this problem. Of course, walking is easy, unless you are injured or are unable to do so beforehand.

My first suggestion is that you find a walking partner or join a club if you are not sufficiently disciplined to do so by yourself.

This increases your level of safety and is also a great way to not talk yourself out of your daily walk. There are also many walking clubs in almost all cities, towns, and villages that can help you get started if lack that “just-small-push” to get you off the couch!

1  Walking is Free, … no charge!

Unless you are walking inside a recreation center because of inclement weather, or in a shopping mall, with your credit card at hand, walking does not cost a penny, that is, as long as the “government” doesn’t “get into” the walking business.

At the moment, you do not have to be registered, … by the government to walk! This is only because “The Committee” has not been formed yet to look into how the “government” could teach you how to walk and when to walk, and many other “things” about walking, that only a government committee and additional sub-committees could arrive at.

This process could only be accelerated in an election year or when their pensions are under review.

By now, I hope I have impressed on you the need to get out there and start walking before the government creates a “Department of Walking”.

2  Walking is an Excellent Cardio Vascular Exercise

That’s right! Walking is the easiest way to keep yourself in shape. Walking is good for your heart, your lungs, and your overall good health.

The cardiovascular benefits of walking are numerous.

Walking improves cardiac risk factors like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, vascular stiffness, and inflammation, not to forget mental stress.

If protecting your heart and a lower death rate are not enough to get you walking yet, think about how a regular walking program can also help protect you against dementia, peripheral artery disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, colon cancer, and even erectile dysfunction.

3  Walking requires very little Specialized Equipment

Another huge benefit of walking is that it requires no special equipment except the clothes you are wearing.

Once I have you walking on a regular basis, I will offer you my secret tips on how to improve your walking experience with better footwear and clothing to match your level of activity and the environment you exercise in.

4  You can Walk just about Anywhere

You can walk around the block, around the lake, or around the park.

Another easy way to get started in the program is to join a walking club. If there is none where you live, start one.

You can walk with your partner, your friends, and even your grandchildren.

Tell your grandchildren that your regular walking partner is preoccupied and you don’t like to walk alone. This will work most of the time, and I have used it before.

This is a time-proven method of building a solid relationship with them. They love to talk about everything.

Soon you’ll be back home and wondering where the time went.

Final Thoughts

Walking is one of our first major accomplishments. Next to our first words, walking on our own, without holding on to the furniture or being held up by others, brings joy to everyone.

It cheered and celebrated by all who are present.

Your first steps clearly prove that you have arrived. You are now a more independent creature and will soon become that out of control “child of beauty”.

Do you remember your children’s first steps?

Are you walking regularly now and if so what secret tips can you provide me and my readers with?

18 thoughts on “The Benefits of Walking for Seniors”

  1. Thank you for this great information about the benefits of walking.

    I remember when my grandpa use to take me to walk every evening, this was the best day to spend with my grandpa, he use to tell me histories, what a fun day.

    I been talking my kids to walk now and been telling them the benefits of walking or exercise , we go hiking all the time my question is what shoes you recommend for walking? since we always looking for comfortable shoes to wear 

    Thank you for sharing well explain it.

    • Thanks, Gualdemar, for stopping by. Like you, I have so many great memories of walking with my grandfather. He always had a great story to tell. Not sure what part of the world you live in, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon. There’s a link there to one of my favorite walking shoes. They’re made by Keen and my feet just love them!

  2. Walking is really good for the body, instead of sitting around all day everyday. 

    Is there a recommended walking length that people, seniors specifically, should walk a day? Less than a mile? a mile? I wouldn’t know. I usually walk a lot because of work, guess I can’t complain, any exercise is better than none at all.

    • Walking is an excellent exercise, especially as we get older. Anywhere from 20 minutes to and an hour is good to maintain good health. Walking at work is not the same, unless you’re a postman. Part of the benefits come from the opportunity to relax, something that is quite impossible to achieve at work.

  3. Yes!  I’m so glad to read your article.  It’s heartening to read suggestions that point to free, painless way to exercise; instead of pointing us to expensive gym equipment that we purchase and then hardly ever use.

    I’m a firm believer of walking, as my primary form of exercise.  It is a great way to explore one’s surroundings while staying fit.  The pleasures of walking makes it easy to want to do it again the next day.  And the next.  And the next.  People do not continue with exercises if they do not like it or find it too hard.  Not so with walking.  As suggested in your article, walking can be a great socialiser (with one’s grandchildren or even friends) – a better alternative then socialising on Facebook! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I share your thoughts, Cath. Walking is always fun and seldom painful. Like you, I find it is a great way to socialize. I meet so many people while walking and most of them are happy types.

  4. Great educational post. Exercising our body regularly is one of the ways that we can assure our long and healthy life. 

    My dad is 70 years. Thank God for his long life but he has been maintaining a very disciplined and exercised life style. He walks few kilometer of our neighborhood every now and them to keep his body fit. 

    I personally work some places to keep myself fit instead of boarding a bus or drive my car. Walking is free as according to this article and we should take it serious before the government monetize it. Lol.

    Beautiful piece.   

    • You know it, Tsquare. Exercise is a must and I’m very pleased that your father includes it in his daily routine. Thanks for the great comment and don’t take your eye off the government. They’ll tax it for sure, Lol.

  5. Really enjoyed your post and I completely agree about how great it is for you but was also surprised at the statistics of how few people do take regular exercise.  Don’t get me wrong I am in no way in the best shape I could be but I do love to walk.  Not only for my physical health but also my mental and emotional health.  It not only lifts my mood and allows my mind to wander but it helps me sleep better and let go of things that are stressing or bothering me.

    Everything is always better after a good walk!

    • Looks like you’ve found one of the secrets of life, Michelle. Walking has so many benefits that it’s a shame we forget to take advantage of them. Walking is an easy way to leave your problems in the dust!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us this great article on benefits of walking for seniors.Many people think that doing sport is only going to the gym but that is not true because even if before knowing gym people were fit by walking as physical exercise.

    As seniors,it is not impossible to be fit because even if they can’t go to gym as juniors,they can walk freely and feel better.

    Your advice is very helpful.

  7. A very good article on the benefits of walking, especially for Seniors. I liked it and I agree with every word of it. So, why am I sitting in front of this computer? The writer  talks about motivation and that is what we really need. If you haven’t quite talked yourself into a regular habit of walking daily, you need to read this article, and start a New Year-walking.

    • So true, Barbara. It only takes a minute to look outside, dress for the weather and go! no warm-up required. Don’t let your “lazy bones” convince you otherwise.

  8. Wow. I do find walking stressful, so most of the times if I don’t take my car out I will definitely get a cab to get me to my destination.But reading this post has really enlighten me on the benefits of walking,this information is really educative and I know most of my friends are not aware of this, I will strongly share this post to them for them to also benefit from it like I did. My question is can I substitute walling for workout or gym?.

    • If I were only able to do 1 (one) exercise, for me it would be walking. Hiking is also a form of walking. Like you, I have spent lots of hours in gyms and have played many sports. It depends a lot on your age. If you are very active physically it’s no problem to include other things in your routine, but very few exercises have such a complete way of benefiting your body, your mind, and your overall general well being.

  9. I was on your website and get impressed how important is walking, i never new that walking is important to our daily healthy.My wife was telling me to have evening walk and i usually refuse . Since ii have known the purpose, i will tell her to move and walk daily.Thanks very much for your great article.

    • Nice to hear it, Atwabi. For the younger crowd, there is always power-walking. This is simply walking much faster and to add more cardio to it, you can always walk uphill or up a set of stairs.

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