the call of the wild

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

As we become more and more domesticated, our need to spend time in the outdoors gains greater value. This call to our primal beginnings screams to us from the wilderness. Today, the outdoors is calling me.

The Call of the Wild is overtaking my thoughts. Jack London was born in San Francisco in 1876. He spent much of his youth on the wrong side of the law. In 1897, he was in the midst of the Klondike gold rush and would soon return to Oakland to write about what he had experienced there.

In 1903 he wrote The Call of the Wild. This is the story of Buck, half St. Bernard and half sheepdog, who was stolen from his comfortable home in California, and taken to the Klondike to become a ” sled dog “. How Buck learns to find freedom and tolerate this harsh world is beautifully told in Jack London’s classic tale of survival.

My early morning power walks along the river satisfy this need when I must remain within the city limits. The river is very high at this time of year with the snow melt and the heavy rains.

The rains have been much more frequent this spring than last year. I walk on a raised dike along the Vedder River and follow this lazy flow to the confluence of the Sumas River. From here I continue on the Trans Canada Trail for about 1 hour in a north and then east direction.

Returning home in the opposite direction totals two hours. This is an excellent cardio workout and is always punctuated with mammals, birdlife, and the occasional human being. The river is so high that it has flooded the grassy roadway that borders the river.

Oddly enough it has brought the fish here to feast on this water covered grassland. Today I had many sightings of fish, and in particular, one large shiny fish breaking the water’s surface. These risings occur so quickly that it is difficult to identify the species that creates this circular wave on the river’s surface.

The path is level and easy and I adjust the cardio value with speed and arm motion.

The Four Agreements

My thoughts wonder from the wildlife to books that I am reading at the time. This morning The Four Agreements kept my mind occupied often and I repeated them out loud in an effort to not forget them.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz are

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
  2. Don’t take anything Personally
  3. Don’t make Assumptions, and
  4. Always do your Best.

Such an easy mantra to repeat to myself, as I enjoy this wondrous beauty along the river’s edge.

Comfortable Boots

These days my morning walks are becoming much more than a cardio exercise. I return in a more peaceful state of mind. Another bonus, are my happy feet.

My new Keen boots are breaking in well, are they are a joy to walk in.

God bless comfortable boots!

In Conclusion

My love of walking is not new. I enjoyed walking in the days when I ran a lot of miles along these Nature trails. Walking, in many ways is so much more enjoyable. It has been a favorite exercise of many before me and it remains popular today as well.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about my outdoor walking adventures, please do not hesitate to provide them in the space below.

I would love to hear about your exercise rituals and whether you perform them indoors or out? Does inclement weather dictate your exercise space or do you control this aspect of your life?



2 thoughts on “The Call of the Wild”

  1. I love to walk as a form of exercise and like my setting to be in nature. I love to see green hills and boulders and the wildlife… 🙂
    I love the mantra ” do your best” . My son’s says that as part of his boys scouts. In life, we can only ever try / do our best.

    • Couldn’t agree more with your son.

      Aren’t we lucky to have such great children. Doing your best is always the best way to do it.

      Thanks for visiting Dinh and have a great walk in Nature.

      Wish your son well and soon you will have a permanent hard-core friend to walk with you in the great outdoors.


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