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outdoortech4u-the essentials of wilderness survival

Outdoortech4u-the essentials for wilderness survival contains posts full of valuable information about wilderness survival based on a lifetime of experience.

Good Day! and welcome to my website, https://www.outdoortech4u.com

My name is Paul Boudreau and this is my website. It is about the use of technology in the outdoors . Nature is a place of great beauty and wonder . It draws countless numbers of people on a daily basis to explore and participate in all it has to offer .

Technology … outdoortech4u.com … refers to ALL that we bring with us to participate in the Natural World.

My Early Days

I was born and raised in a small coastal village. I grew up in a family of nine – four brothers and two sisters.

From my father, I learned about the outdoors … hunting, fishing, camping, and how to survive in the wilderness. From my mother, I was introduced to the world of books and food.

As you can imagine , sitting at a table of nine , the atmosphere was never boring . Here I acquired my love for adventure … in the real world , but also in the pages of books .

On My Own

We lived on the seacoast at the edge of the forest. Before school, after school and on weekends I would be off to the forest or in the boat fishing. Soon I began to see the results of my efforts. A rabbit, a duck, a partridge or a fish.

This quickly got the attention of my younger brothers and soon we had “more boots on the ground” and this meant more “eyes” for spotting and more “hands” for the tasks that needed doing.

After all, who was going to clean all this fish and game! Well I guess, that’s what little brothers are for, and this worked quite well for a short period of time.

Early Technologies

My first piece of outdoor tech was binoculars. What an advantage to be able to see at 10-power. Not only was I frightening less wildlife, but I was seeing so much more.

This grew into better backpacks, better tents and all the tools and gadgets that we needed for all the fun that we were having.

I continued to read from my mother’s library of books and quickly she began to steer me to the great explorers and adventurers of days past.


With four brothers and two sisters, It wasn’t long before fish were being measured and weighed. This was fun … but now it was getting serious.

I began to read, study, and follow as much information and technology as I could get my hands on, and of course, friendly competition required one to share. This worked out well because someone would always pick up what another had missed.

New fishing poles, fishing lines, tackle and gear, were all shared in the hope of learning the latest trick that would lead to success.

In For The Long Haul

I became very proficient at many outdoor activities and like my mother, I enjoyed showing all this outdoor tech to my family and friends. This habit has endured, and to this day I have introduced many people to the wonders of nature and the great outdoors.

Here , at outdoortech4u I want to share my many experiences in nature with you and to hopefully learn many new tips and tricks to make my time in nature that much more satisfying .

Stay with me, and let’s explore all this cutting edge technology that has enabled us to extend ourselves further and further into the unknown.

13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Paul! Firstly, congratulations on a successful website. I definitely can relate to your site as it relative to the outdoors. We both have something in “common,” the love of Mother Nature. I am born and raised from LoUiSiAna as known as Sportsman Paradise. It has its uniqueness of beauty that differs from any other state in the contiguous United States and that alone makes Louisiana a beautiful paradise. The knowledge and ideas you bring are truly amazing. Paul, you are a true sense of inspiration. “Keep up the great work and do maintain your own style of originality!” Job well done and much success and be blessed!

    • Hi, Steven and thanks for dropping by.

      It’s always great to meet fellow outdoorsman and adventurers. Our love of Nature is our common bond and I would really love to navigate those swamps and bayous one day.

      This, of course, with a local guide. I hear those alligators don’t mind munching on visitors like me.

      Thanks for your words of encouragement and do not hesitate to visit as often as you can.

      Continued success in all your outdoor adventures in the great state of LoUiSiAna.

      You Rock Man !!!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I loved your cover page, it’s a great start to wanting to look through more of your pages. I really enjoyed reading “About Me” page, each brief paragraph naturally took me along into the next paragraph,not too long and not too short. I am in the early stages of building content for my website and your’s is very inspiring 🙂
    Your experience of the great outdoors, shows in your topics and blogs. The topics were all relevant to your website, and helpful information for both the beginner and for the experienced person
    The only thing that kind of didn’t gel with me was the images of
    the products that were for sale from amazom, they were scattered around one here and one there, they didn’t seem to flow with the rest of your pages, maybe if they were put in groups on the right side, so that it didn’t distract from your blogging and images, that was the feeling I got from that anyway.
    Otherwise I really enjoyed reading your overall website and would definately come back to see more…thanking you Heeni 🙂

    • Thank you Heenie for the comment .

      This website is very much in its infancy and your help and guidance is greatly appreciated .

      Please visit again soon .

  3. Hi Paul, I really liked you website, and all the great things you said about the out doors. When I first pulled up your site Wow! The picture took my breath away. Such a beautiful picture of the down town lights. It looks allot like some where I have been before or would like to be. You really have a love of animals and nature, and good interesting topics. Very helpful for the person that is an out doors type, and even for the person that isn’t in to nature, it makes them want to become a out door adventurist, and great information for survival too. I really enjoyed your About me page. You really captured the love for the mountains and the love of nature. I will for sure would like to read more…very inspiring reading.

  4. What a beautiful front page picture. It almost looks like New Zealand’s South Island. I am so glad to visit your site. You are definitely someone who has a lot of outdoor knowledge. I love the outdoors, but unfortunately, not someone who can survive fishing, hunting. The only thing I harvest is herbs. Lots of food (plant food) and lots of medicine herbs out there. Only time we could not get a lot of food here in the Pacific NW is the winter. Probably the same for you. 🙂

    The picture you got there, is it east coast? Where?

    • Thank you so much Karen for visiting my site . I would love to learn more about herbs and wild plants . Medicinal plants are also an area that I want to explore . You have inspired me to write about the wonderful world of plant food . Perhaps we can share our knowledge .

  5. Those who likes outing, will find it useful. Anyway, there are many interesting topics to browse and read like Ten Things You Need To Know About Fire In The Wilderness, Ten Things You Should Have In Your Wilderness Survival Kit, etc.

  6. Hello, when I first set eyes on your website, my breath was taken away by the scenery that appeared before me. Then, I read your About Me page and could imagine you looking over the hills with your binoculars in hand. I can tell that a great website will unfold before me next time I visit again and I will be able to spend many hours reading your articles about hiking, fishing and camping. Thank you for sharing the joys and beauty of the great outdoors in your website.
    ~ Sue

    • Hi Sue ! Thank you very much for the wonderful comment . As you well know
      encouragement is priceless . I have visited your sites as well and I am very impressed by your body of work . This is very inspiring for me . I wish you great success . A wise person once said that success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration ! Again many thanks and continued good luck .

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