Simple in the City

Are You Struck in a Rut?

Simple is the new busy. People are getting rid of their busy badges and opting for a more simple way of life. Simple in the City may just be what the doctor ordered for you.

Whether you are a male or female, how many pairs of shoes do you really need? Asking such a question, could start a world war. The answer will depend on whom you ask. Some people get by with a few pairs of shoes, while others need dozens of pairs of shoes, to feel worthy when they open their closets.

… and yes, there are people who own hundreds, and even thousands of things, and feel the need to get more, … I’ll give the women a break here, and put the focus on fishermen, who wouldn’t want to be caught dead, with only a couple of hundred lures, spinnerbaits, or crankbaits.

These people are not trying to life the simple life. Simple living is not for everyone.

Living a simpler life, is all about you being in control. Who’s making the decisions in your life?

Do you have a long to-do list that never gets done? Are you always running to keep up?

It’s time for you to press your reset button.

This is my 10 step solution to become more Simple in the City.

1. A Simple Day Plan

Get organized, you’ll be more efficient, and more content.

If you write a long to-do list of things, to get done everyday, you’re probably not getting very much done at all.

Many of your listings keep showing up from the previous day. There’s nothing wrong with having a to-do list for work, home, or school. The problem emerges when the items on your list, don’t get done, and keep showing up, day after day.

If nothing is getting done, it’s because you’re trying to do too much. Pick 1 item or project, and do that.

Don’t write a paragraph in your dayplanner about it. Just do it. Get that done first.

The feelings of accomplishment, that overwhelm your body, when you complete a task, … is gold. 

Simple in the City

2. Declutter your Life

How much clutter do you have to wade through, to get to where you want to go. Why are you saving all those empty jars? How many plastic containers do you need anyway?

Decluttering your  life begins with decluttering your house. Simple in the City means that you have to turn your house into a home.

Houses are shelters that protect us from the elements. Homes are living spaces that have a soul.

Homes are more comfortable to live in, when you can see the walls, and navigate safely and easily, on the floors.

The times are a-changin’, and spending more time at home is the new normal. If you’re going to be at home more, why not make your living space more friendly and accomodating?

3. Can You See the Back of Your Closet

How much time are you spending, everyday, deciding what to wear for school or work?

At one point in my life, I had bare closets, bare rooms, and bare walls. I was as happy as a clam, and carefree.

I didn’t feel poor, and in fact, I was not poor. I was eating well, doing fun things, and enjoying life.

As the years rolled by, I let myself be convinced that I needed stuff to be happy.

I didn’t need more stuff, I needed new people in my life.

Simple in the City

4. Eating at Home is Simple

I grew up in a home, with a mother in the kitchen, and a father who provided for the table.

This meant lots of simple, satisfying, homemade meals. It didn’t take long for me to adapt to this way of life, when I got out on my own.

There’s nothing wrong with dining out, or having a few beers with friends at the local brewery, but even the rich don’t dine out everyday.

Learn to make meals at home. You can use this new decluttered space to entertain friends, in a more manageable and simple atmosphere.

5. Get Your Finances under Control

Are you always running to the bank to pay your bills, cash a check, or get some cash from the machine, at $1.50 or more, per withdrawal?

Whatever your thoughts are about money, … money and money management, is here to stay.

It will remain a part of your life, unless you want to live and sleep under a bridge. Money is the medium we use to buy the goods and services we need.

By money, I mean how you conduct your financial transactions. Ironically, paper money doesn’t exist anymore. Here in Canada, our paper money is now made of plastic. The use of this plastic money is being discouraged as well.

There is a growing emphasis on moving towards a cashless society. This idea needs to be addressed, but suffice to say that the world of buying and selling is in the process of a major change. Don’t get left behind!

You can do ALL your banking from home. Why are you standing on a green square, painted on a sidewalk, for half an hour or more, to pay a gas bill?             (The Age of The Virus)

Get with the times, this action takes less than a minute, when done at home. You can do it while you’re waiting for your dinner guests.

Simple in the City

6. Exercise to Stay Healthy

The science is in, on this one. There’s no need to keep kicking this can down the road.

Exercise will make you feel better. Your exercise program can be as simple as walking for an hour a day. Simple and effective.

If you can walk to work or school, the commute will become your exercise program. 2 birds with 1 stone.

7. Control your Social Media Addiction

Technology has brought us out of the Dark Ages.

Sometimes we invent things to make our lives easier, but they end up causing us more problems.

I’m not ranting against the machine, I use technology everyday, and truth be told, I’m typing this on a laptop and I have no desire to be clunking the keys of a post World War II typewriter.

If you’re spending hours on social media, you’d better be earning your living from it, otherwise, you’ve got addiction issues that need to be addressed.

Face it! … you’ll never be as rich and famous, … as the rich and famous!

This will leave you more time to be yourself! … and that’s equal to 1 million followers!

8. Establish Routines

Routines are easy ways of doing things that need to get done.

Make them simple. Get them done. Now you can live and enjoy your Life.

9. Give it Away

All that stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years, and that you’re not using, give it away.

Give it to someone who needs it. It’s in your way, because you have too much. Share your good fortune. You’ll feel better, and so will the recipient.

Churches and “Good Will” organizations will gladly distribute it for you. There’s one close to you. Donate a few bagsful.

Simple in the City

10. Less is More

Life is about change and growth. You can’t keep doing the same things everyday, and expect things to be different.

Simplify, Declutter, and Donate!

Make this your mantra, and see how easier it will be to navigate through your days.

Your Thoughts

What do you do to simplify your life?

I’d love to hear how you do it. You can Contact Me with a click on this link.

Keep it Simple Sammy.

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