Leatherman Wave Accessories

Leatherman Wave Accessories

A short while ago I wrote a review on the Leatherman Wave +. One of the many reasons why this multi-tool is so popular is the tool itself, but let’s not forget the huge variety of accessories that can be added to it, to increase its functionality and effectiveness as an outdoor companion.

The Leatherman Wave + is a classic multi-tool. Not only does the Leatherman Wave + multi-tool bring 18 popular tools into the game, but, these 18 tools can also be accessorized with a multitude of other useful gadgets.

Leatherman Wave Accessories

Why is it so popular?

Its popularity is due in large part to its toughness, durability, and the multitude of accessories that are available to increase its functionality. 

Everyone that I know who has one, values the fact that it is so practical and useful. 

A Mechanical Draftsman and Carpenter by trade, I have spent my lifetime building and fixing things.

Many of my close friends are builders and fixer-uppers and about half of them own a Leatherman Wave.

The others are often borrowing one from a friend. Every season, we manage to convince one or two more guys to get their own.

Accessories, that’s why!

More tools for you!

Let’s start with the Leatherman Bit Set Kit

This is a 42-piece bit kit set contains 21 double-ended bits. You can use this bit kit with all tools and knives that have bit drivers and the Removable Bit Driver Accessory.

Leatherman Wave Accessories

Download Bit Kit Set User Guide

The Bit Driver Extension Tool

The Bit Driver Extension Tool is used to extend your reach and fits into the bit holder on any Leatherman knife or tool. It accepts all Leatherman bits and ALL standard ¼ inch hexagonal bits.

The Bit Driver Extension Tool is very useful when trying to get to recessed screws. This driver really holds the bits in, good and snug. It can be a little difficult to get the bits out at first, but this is not really a problem, in fact this holds the bits well, and it is a good thing, in my opinion. You won’t have to worry about losing any bits like this.
It also takes Hex bits as well, another huge plus that adds even more versatility to this tool.

The Extra Large Black Molle Sheath

An extra large black Molle sheath, to keep your Wave and all your accessories, safe and secure.

The Molle Sheath is made from tough and durable ballistic nylon. It features a hook and loop closure, and a snap webbing strap for attachment on the back.

Imagine how much more you can do with your multi-tool now. In today’s tech world there are so many things that come assembled with screws and fasteners, that having the right tool at hand, with easy access, is a real game-changer.

The Extra Large Black Molle Sheath is the perfect safe haven for this tool. I prefer a tough case to protect my investment, and that’s exactly what this Multi-tool is. Properly cared for, and with its 25-year Limited Warranty, this tool should last you a very long time.

A few of my wilderness friends prefer the leather sheath, but I’m happy with my Molle nylon sheath. You will need the extra large sheath to carry the bit kit.

There are also replacement wire-cutters, replacement saws, and replacement eyewear bits. 

Replacement parts are specific to your model of Leatherman. 

Product Name                                                

Name:  Leatherman Wave Accessories

Website:  www.leatherman.com/the leatherman wave +

Price: varies for each model.

Best Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Don’t forget to try Amazon Prime’s 30-day FREE TRIAL!

My Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

A Classic

Tools and gadgets are a major part of doing things. As a matter of fact, they are an absolute necessity. Throughout history, tools and our ability to create them, and use them to our advantage, are without doubt, what has accelerated our advancement and progress as a species.

My Conclusions

I am undoubtedly biased with my opinions on The Leatherman Wave + Multi-Tool.

As Construction Business Owner and Contractor, I own and possess, literally thousands of tools and accessories.

Saws and saw blades, chisels, jig saws and their blades, wrenches, hammers, wire cutters, and the list goes on like the shelves of a tool provider store. Anyone doing renovations or automobile mechanics can understand where I’m coming from. I was going to say that I probably have more tools than the Kardashians have shoes, but I won’t.

What I will say is this. The Leatherman Wave + Multi-Tool is a very complete and useful tool. Add the fact that there are numerous accessories to increase its functionality and you’ve got a real winner.

My biased opinion is shared by many Leatherman Wave tool owners. The numbers prove this beyond all doubt. The 25-year limited warranty only adds to my case.

One day you may need a multi-tool, … and when the time comes, be sure to give this one, and all its accessories a very good look.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this tool or its accessories, you can Contact Me at your convenience.

I love to read comments from artisans and adventurers, and I’m still able to answer them all.

14 thoughts on “Leatherman Wave Accessories”

  1. Hi Paul

    I see why you like the Leatherman Wave it’s really an impressive tool. I have something similar to it but it doesn’t even come close to the Leatherman.

    I’m blow away by how many tools are in it and you can get accessories. Great job in sharing the Leatherman if you don’t have one get one.

    Much Success


    • Thanks Eric for reading my post. 

      Every once-in-a-while, a real winner comes along and the Leatherman Wave + and its accessories is such a character. 

      Many people own these very practical tools and they always have good things to say about it. 

      I’m simply happy to pass this along. 


  2. These are very useful when I’m overseas.  It amazing how handy they are!  You with think something like tightening a screw would be a small issue, but it can be big issue real fast if you don’t have the equipment needed to accomplish that task!  I’ve used these things my entire military career and they make sure we don’t go overseas without them

    • I’m happy to hear that you use these tools, Ibrahim. 

      Thanks for your service. It is appreciated. No need to sell you on its merits. 

      What do you use this tool for the most? 

      How old is the one you carry? 

      How old is the oldest one that you know of? 

      Again, my thanks. 

      Semper Fi. 


  3. No question about the utility this can give. I’m a computer technician and at the same time a motorcycle enthusiast. Both of these feats require that you have versatile tools handy. You do not want to get caught in the middle of something and you can’t do anything because the tools that you have brought with you doesn’t match the requirement for the situation. So, I guess having this stuff from Leatherman will save you some troubles.

    • Hi Gomer.

      Computer tech and motorcycles are  two hobbies or vocations that can require lots of tools. 

      There’s always a set of sockets or screwdrivers around the house or office, but once you hit the road with your bike things can get ugly very fast. I’m sure that you’d be able to add and subtract 1/4 inch hex bits to fit your needs, more specifically. 

      This is a great tool to bring on the road and it performs a lot of functions. It’s tough and durable. A real tool. Put one in your hand sometime, you’ll see what I mean.


  4. I honestly appreciate your efforts in putting this information together, The quality of the kit measures up to Leatherman standards. Everything Leatherman makes seems to be sculpted by an artist, and these bits are no exception. The steel is very high quality, and, so far, I haven’t noticed any wear at all.

    • Good Day, Jeremiah.

      I’m pleased that you are making use of your multi-tool and its accessories. You will find it quite handy.



  5. Hello 

    I’m glad to read another article from you because you give us practical solutions with the products you suggest. In the other article, you described the Leatherman Wave and I’m sure that it’s a very useful multi-tool. Now, I watch some removable accessories that are necessary for those who deal all the time with craftsmanship. I always fix whatever it’s damaged, so this set kit would be appropriate for me, who live in the countryside for most months of the year.

    Thank you for this amazing kit you propose.


    • Thanks, Thodoris, for reading my post.

      As you can see, these accessories really add a lot more functionality to the Leatherman Wave +, making it a truly valuable tool to have around, and even for carrying on your hip when working outside, or spending time in the wilderness.


  6. I am also working on the construction business and I have used several multitools over the years which have “saved my life” a ton of times…

    I actually bought the Leatherman Wave a few days ago and it’s one of the best multitools I’ve ever used till now. Where can I get this Leatherman Bit Set Kit? I didn’t see any links for it.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Good Day, Harry, and thanks for this very important reminder.

      I’ve gone back to fix my links and you will find them up and running now. Have another look and give me a shout if you need further assistance.


  7. Ohh, this is such a must have when you’re on the road! I’ve read your previous post, a Leatherman wave review and decided to get it for my partner’s birthday. I think, I should show him your post and let him decide if he wants some more accessories as well. 

    To make his decision easier, I’d like to ask you for your advice: we’re travelling a lot, our set-up is a 4wd with a rooftop tent. We spend a lot of time off the road, making campfires, fixing stuff around the car, etc. What accessories would you recommend?



    • Hi Katya, and thanks for your question.

      As I’ve described them in my post, your best option is to get 1) the bit set, 2) the bit extender tool, and 3) the black Molle case to store and carry this great multi-tool.

      Being better prepared usually leads to better results. This applies to camping and travel as well.


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