Petzl – REACTIK + Headlamp Review

What makes a great headlamp?

Simple! … tough and waterproof!

Let’s see how the Petzl Reactik+ measures up.

The Petzl – Reactik + Headlamp

Product Description

The Petzl Reactik+Headlamp

The Petzl Reactik+ is the latest version of the Petzl Headlamp. This is a very powerful headlamp offering 300 lumens of brightness and 17 hours of maximum battery life.

In 2016, it replaced the very popular Petzl Tikka.

The Petzl Tikka was the very first headlamp that I ever owned. I began my headlamp adventures by taping small flashlights to wide elastic bands that I would then position on my head to leave my hands free for other tasks.

This was back in the day when the majority of headlamps were found on miner’s helmets.

My Petzl Tikka was my first go-to headlamp for many years, until one day when I tumbled down the side of a mountain and cracked the housing. Thank God for Duct Tape.

I carefully repaired my precious companion and still have it to this day. It has proven to be a true survivor and today it lives in the quiet comfort of my wood-workshop.

I always have 5 or 6 headlamps in my possession. Between my home, truck, and workshop, they remain one of my primary emergency light sources.

My Wilderness Survival Kit is the permanent home of my Petzl Reactik +, along with a second backup headlamp from Black Diamond, … the Storm.

The Petzl Reactik+ is an excellent headlamp for hiking, camping, and all other outdoor activities. If you plan on spending the night in the wilderness, this is the headlamp to bring with you.

This headlamp belongs in every wilderness survival kit!

Product Overview

Weight: 4.1 oz./ 115 grams

Maximum Brightness: 300 Lumens

Maximum Distance: 360 feet / 110 meters

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery or AAA battery pack that must be purchased separately

Product Rating

Product Website: Petzl

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Price: $106.96 + $32.73 Shipping and Import Fees

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The Good

  • this is a reliable, powerful headlamp offering 300 lumens of brightness
  • a sensor which analyses the ambient light and adjusts the beam pattern and brightness accordingly. This is called reactive lighting mode
  • the reactive lighting feature can be turned off so that the headlamp provides stable brightness despite the ambient light and surroundings
  • when the reactive lighting is turned off, the maximum battery life is 17 hours
  • you don’t have to worry about regulating brightness in relation to battery consumption; the headlamp will adjust itself to achieve the optimal results
  • the headlamp is equipped with a lock feature, preventing the headlamp from accidentally turning on, which is useful when you carry it in a backpack
  • can be used with a night vision device
  • it is equipped with a red lighting feature
  • the battery is rechargeable by a micro USB cable
  • also works with disposable batteries, (adapter is required)
  • a Bluetooth chip which allows you to adjust the headlamp’s beam pattern, brightness and battery burn time from your smartphone (the Petzl app is available for iOS and Android devices)
  • the beam pattern and brightness can also be adjusted on the headlamp without the app
  • you can still choose between 3 different battery modes – Max Power, Standard and Max Autonomy
  • the battery modes are handy for predicting how long the battery will last
  • in Max Power mode the battery will last for approximately 2.5 hours, in Standard mode for approximately 5 hours and in Max Autonomy mode for approximately 10 hours.
  • the brightness sensor operates in all three modes
  • incredible performance

The Bad and The Ugly

  • expensive, but you get what you pay for! … so this is not really an issue.
  • you must purchase the “AAA” battery pack separately

Thoughts and Conclusions

I have been using headlamps in outdoor hardcore settings for years. In addition to the outdoors, I use headlamps in heavy construction during winter hours. Rough and tumble environments and use during heavy rains are your biggest enemies.

In all my years of work and play, I always hear the same stories about tools and toys. Better quality tools and toys always perform better than cheaper less expensive tools. You get what you pay for.

Just as important as product quality is how you maintain your tools and toys.

How well do you take care of your things? … your gear, your stuff!

Some people NEVER read instructions, abuse the product, and then complain that the product is a piece of garbage, and doesn’t perform as stated.

It is never a bad idea to read the instructions!

For example, this headlamp is rated at IPX4, which is splash proof.

IPX4 is defined as Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either: a) an oscillating fixture or b) A spray nozzle with no shield. Test a) is conducted for 10 minutes. Test b) is conducted (without shield) for 5 minutes minimum.

Waterproof implies that you cannot go scuba diving with it.

This is not a scuba diver’s light.

Heavy rain, however, is not a problem!

This is not a cheap or inexpensive headlamp and I would highly recommend it to all serious, hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

The Petzl Reactik+ headlamp features constant lighting technology.

Click this link for a Petzl Headlamp worthy of your Survival Kit

The brightness and beam distance don’t decrease when the headlamp is running low on battery.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this headlamp or other headlamps that can be used in an outdoor setting, do not hesitate to Contact Me with your concerns.



6 thoughts on “Petzl – REACTIK + Headlamp Review”

  1. I love the Reactik model! I know many people who love these kinds of headlamps. They are portable, easy to use and by far one of the longest lasting out there!

    How does this one compare to the Actik Core Model? They both seem pretty good.

    Thanks for the detailed review, this was helpful!

    • Good Day, Jacob.

      Thanks for stopping by to read my Petzl Reacti+ Review. 

      Here is a list of the few extras included with the Reactik that tips the scale in its favour if you are more “technically” inclined. 

      1) The Reactik+ has Bluetooth Smart Pairing to manipulate runtime and customize light output. 

      2) “Reactik+” lighting customizes lighting automatically when near and far so that reading or close-up work does not blind you with excessive luminosity. 

      3) It can be recharged via USB. 

      4) It has Lock-out Mode, which is a good feature to have so that your headlamp is not accidentally turned on in a backpack or when stored. 

      5) It has a 15-lumen reserve of 2 hours, ensuring that you will not be left in the dark. 

      6) The included lithium batteries can be recharged. 

      7) It also has 3 LEDs and 1 red light. 

      The Actik has,

      1) 1 LED and 1 red light. 

      2) It has 3 AAA batteries which are not rechargeable but could be substituted with rechargeables at added cost. 

      3) It does not have “adjustable” Reactik+, near and far luminosity. 

      4) It does have longer burn times. 

      5) It weighs 25 grams less, a good thing.

      6) It has an integrated whistle in the headband.

      In the end, The Reactik+ “technical” features and a more sophisticated lightening system double the cost of The Actik. 

      The Actik is a much simpler headlamp and undoubtedly a very worthwhile contender.

      It’ “kind-of” like, does dinner taste better if you drive there in a Lamborghini or in a Toyota Camry.

      I would prefer the Actik in my Wilderness Survival Kit, but the Reactik+ may be better suited to Orienteering or Marathon running at night.


  2. I’m not a hardcore outback kind of guy but I can see the advantage of having a devise like this.

    I don’t own a Petal but I do have a headlamp that I use when camping in our trailer. It’s great for getting  underneath and having your hands free to do what needs to be done and the light from a headlamp is always where it needs to be as well.

    I would recommend that everyone have at least one.  Plumbers and electricians would benefit from these as well.

    Enjoyed reading the review.  Allmthecbest,


    • Thanks, Wayne for reading my post. 

      I like how you describe where the beam of light ends up. The beam of light is always where you are looking and where you need it. 

      Happy to hear that you own a headlamp and appreciate its value. 

      If you ever need another, you’ll know where to look. 

      Happy Camping. 


  3. This a great product for one I have lived to think the can only be used by minors millitary .but it seems I have been very wrong reactik headlamp  is the way to go for those who love outdoor and even having one at home is not Abad idea especially country like mine where power blackout  is almost adairy occurrence.petzl reactik headlamp will come in Hardy in place like those .thanks for this great review actually I do need for my home country.

    • Good Day, Charles.

      Headlamps are a very convenient tool to own. 

      Power black-outs occur frequently and it’s always good to be prepared. 

      I own several and they are handy to have at home, work, or play. 

      If you need one, now you’ll know where to get it.


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