Why do you need a Headlamp?

Why would anyone need a Headlamp?


1. You need a headlamp for Home Emergencies

You need a headlamp at home for emergencies.

These emergencies include everything that can and will go wrong after dark. Even with today’s modern electrical power facilities, windstorms, snowstorms, and motor vehicle accidents knock down power lines, resulting in power outages during all seasons of the year.

Headlamps will help you navigate around your house safely until power is restored.

2. A headlamp for your car or truck

If you commute to work or school by car or truck you need a headlamp.

Flashlights are fine if you have your own personal assistant and he or she follows you around to hold this flashlight while you set about completing your tasks in various states of darkness.

For most of us, this is not an option and we need to have our hands free while doing our repair work.

Have you ever tried to fix a flat tire on the side of a very dark road at night?

Did this experience convince you of the need to have a headlamp in your vehicle.

3. You need a headlamp in the winter months

There are fewer daylight hours during the winter months. You need a headlamp every time you have to perform a task in the dark.

Today in mid-January, we are still in early winter and with sunrise at approximately 8:00 a.m., and sunset at about 4:00 p.m., many things break and need fixing in the dark hours.

One of the most important places to have a headlamp is in your carry bag. This can be your carry-all/EDC bag if you are traveling to work by public transportation or any other means of locomotion you use.

4. A headlamp for River Fishing

No, this is not fishing for rivers!

All good fishermen and fisherwomen,( and they’ll tell you how good they are), if you ask them, like to arrive early at their favorite fishing hole.

Imagine crawling around the edge of a riverbank or on a slippery riverbed in the dark and you’ll soon have one in your tackle box.

5. If you work in the Construction Industry

If you work in construction you need a portable and convenient means of bringing light to your work area in the daylight hours as well.

Modern headlamps come in Lumen Values of hundreds to thousands of lumens.

These powerful lights enable you to work in dark areas without dragging electrical cords around and having to find a power source for these lights and cords.

6. A headlamp for outdoor sporting activities

If you cycle, run or walk to work or school you need a headlamp.

Headlamps are lightweight, easy to carry and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are also available in many different Lumen Values.

A lumen is a means of describing the intensity of your lamp, very much like the old-fashioned candle-power.

6. If you work for the Ambulance Service

If you work for any Emergency Service you need a very high-quality Lighting System. You already know this, so move up to the front of the class.

7. If you are a Firemen

8. If you are a Police Officer


9. If you are not wearing Night Vision

Headlamps are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to carry, easy to maintain and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to please all the fashion police.

10. If you are not Hard-wired with Night Vision

If you do not possess night vision like many mammals that are classified as “nocturnal”.

If you are not a Bat and cannot maneuver using “echolocation”, you most certainly need a lamp or means of illumination to get around and perform tasks in the dark.

In Conclusion

As you can plainly see, all human beings need some form of light to perform tasks in the dark.

Headlamps are a very convenient and effective way to do this. The modern-day headlamp is lightweight, compact, very powerful and inexpensive.

They come in many different shape and sizes, many different Lumen Values and are very affordable.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

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