10 Things You Need To Go Camping

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Here are ten things that will make your next camping trip more enjoyable . Whether this is your first camping trip or even if you are an experienced camper . I have listed ten things that will surely make your next camping trip , one that you will remember and hopefully will be the beginning of many more in the future . They are listed in random order , however they are all necessary to a happy camping experience .

1)   Attitude   

In life or at your campsite , the attitude you bring with you , will go a long way to determine your level of enjoyment . The energy you bring to your friends will be returned back to you many-fold . This attitude will help you relax and enjoy the wonders of nature . Nature can only be fully enjoyed in a relaxed state of mind , and after all isn’t this the main reason you are going camping .

2)   Destination

As in life , you must know where you are going . Especially if you are a novice camper , the destination you choose will determine what type of shelter , clothing and equipment that you will require . Knowing where you are going camping , in a week , in a month or even next weekend will help to get you excited about your trip . Camping is a great way to explore your province , state or country . Camping trips to the mountains , the rivers and also the open country side will show you the many wonders of nature . Each trip will entice you to explore new areas .

3)   Shelter

Where you choose to spend your time in the great outdoors is very important when considering shelter . Will you be at a campsite , with some amenities or completely off-grid . A cabin , a motor home or a tent , all provide different levels of comfort should the weather suddenly change from warm and sunny  to torrential downpour . If you are new at this , be sure to check the weather forecasts for the period you will be there . Always be prepared . If you are in a tent , make sure you are on high ground , and be wary of falling branches . Do not camp too close to rivers until you are experienced enough to know the river you are at . Heavy rains and flash floods will not only spoil your trip but they can also put your life in danger . Tarps and cordage can become very handy when the weather suddenly gets DAMP . They are always good to have and are quite inexpensive .

4)   Clothing

The time of year and the weather conditions are important factors in clothing considerations . Warm sunny weather , rainy weather and cold winter temperatures all require their appropriate clothing . Volumes have been written on layering your clothing and breathable fabrics . You most likely have some of these products now , and most will serve you well in the beginning . Do not make your first trips too complicated . Do not bankrupt yourself or go into debt and remember that the purpose of your trip is to have fun and come back relaxed .

5)   Equipment

Equipment includes all the “gear” that you bring along . This will be tent(s) , sleeping bags , stoves , headlamps and first aid kits . Prepare a LIST of all that you think you will need . Keep this list handy and look at it from time to time to modify it as you come up with things to add or subtract from it . Different activities require different equipment . One very important thing to consider is reviewing this list AFTER your trip – to see what you forgot or what you do not need to bring on your next adventure . Have a look at my other blogs as many contain lists of items required for all your outdoor activities .

6)   Food

Camping and food cooked over an open fire are synonymous . Meat , fish , vegetables , popcorn , marshmallows and chocolate and melted cheeses all taste better over an open fire with friends . If you love cooking at home , cooking over an open fire for friends can make you famous . If you are a novice , this is a great place to start . Don’t forget a grill and the BBQ sauce . Plan your meals and you will be more successful . You can make them as simple or as complicated as you want . I will be posting recipes that are camper-friendly and very tasteful , so keep coming back to check for these .

7)   A Sleeping System

A sleeping system can be a bed in a motor home or a folding cot to keep you off the ground . However , if you are camping with a tent this will be a sleeping bag and sleeping pad . Sleeping pads are closed cell foam or can also be air filled . They provide both comfort and insulation from the cold ground . Check the R-value which refers to its insulation value . The quality of sleep you get is always important , whether it’s at home or at camp . Your ability to get a great night’s sleep will be very important in deciding whether you continue to enjoy the outdoors or never go camping again .

8)   A First Aid Kit

You should own a basic First Aid kit and take a first aid course from professionals such as St. John’s Ambulance . First Aid also applies to your equipment in the form of a REPAIR kit . These two kits are very important . Keep them well stocked and know how to use their contents .

9)   At Least One Method To Cook Your Food

You will need at least one method to cook your food . BBQ grills and stoves can be fueled with propane or charcoal briquettes . Stoves are also fueled with propane or white-gas . Don’t forget the grill , long forks , the BBQ-brush and cooking mittens .

10) A Campfire !

This is what made camping so popular . Camp fires under the stars with friends and food will create memories that will last a lifetime . Be very careful with open fires and please respect your environment and all park regulations regarding their use . Sometimes , extremely dry conditions will necessitate camp fire bans , but most of the year you will be able to enjoy the dancing flames of your campfire .

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