10 Things You Should Know About Eagles

1)   There are 60 species of eagles worldwide .

2)   Only the condors and the vultures are larger birds of prey than the eagles .

3)   There are 4 major groups of eagles . The Fish Eagles that eat mostly fresh fish or fish carrion – the Booted Eagles that have feathered lower legs – Snake Eagles that hunt snakes and reptiles – and Harpy Eagles , the giant forest eagles that hunt the tropical forests .

4)   The Steller’s sea eagle is the heaviest eagle in the world . Females can weigh as much as 20+ pounds and males can weigh up to 15 pounds .

5)   The Philippine Eagle is the longest eagle in the world at 3 feet 3 inches ( 100 cm ) .

6)   The White-tailed Eagle has the longest wingspan of all the eagles . It can measure up to 94 cm and have a wingspan of 2.45 m . Its conservation status is LC ( least concern ) . The largest population is found along the coast of Norway . there are an estimated 9,000 to 11,000 pairs . The White-tailed Eagle forms a species pair with the Bald eagle .

7)   The eagle is known as the King of Birds and is a very common symbol in heraldry .

8)   There are only two eagles in North America , the Bald eagle and the Golden eagle . There are nine eagles in Central and South America . There are only three eagle species in Australia . All other eagle species are found in Africa , Europe and Asia .

9)   Eagles are large and powerful birds of prey . They have strong beaks for tearing flesh and large legs with strong talons for grabbing and holding prey . Their eyesight is recorded at 3.6 times more powerful than human eyesight . The female eagle is always larger than the male eagle .

10) Eagles build their nests on high cliffs or in tall trees . These nests are called eyries . Most species lay two eggs , with the larger chick usually killing the smaller one .

Hope that you could soar like an eagle . This is a majestic bird and certainly one of the many wondrous creations of nature . Please feel free to comment on this article and if possible your experiences with this beautiful bird .


I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors. The mountains and rivers, ... and everything in between ... is always calling me. Nature is my sanctuary.


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