Can This Be Described With A 1000 Words ?

Can 1000 Words Describe This Picture ?

Bergsee, Alpine, Austria, Mountain Landscape, Water

The Wonders Of Nature

Since the beginnings of time , great men and women , have been writing prose and poetry describing the beauty and majesty of Nature , from ancient China and India , through Persia , Greece and Rome , and on to the Middle Ages .

In more modern times the Lake Poets , from the Lake District of England , were all inspired to write by this natural beauty .

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

An old expression clearly states that a picture is worth a thousand words , however I am often left in awe as to how I could possibly do justice in describing these wondrous creations of God .

Long ago , when I first started trekking into the mountains , a friend asked me why I ventured into this great unknown . He continued to expound upon the great risk involved and the tremendous effort required to arrive at these locations .

I was younger then , full of energy and daring , and wordy descriptions of my excursions into the hills and valleys , crossing rivers and boreal forests did not seem that important .

New Age Technology

What was important was where my next destination would be and how I could reduce my load and carry more outdoor relevant technology . In earlier days , strong , durable equipment was usually heavy and clumsy to carry but the trade-off was reliability .

Much of this gear was from the military era , and was almost always bombproof . With a resurgence in outdoor activities and many new improvements in outdoor-use materials , equipment is quickly becoming lighter , stronger and less expensive .

Today , unbreakable plastics , titanium and Kevlar are only a few of the many materials that make up the countless items and pieces of equipment that are used in all of our outdoor activities .



























4 thoughts on “Can This Be Described With A 1000 Words ?”

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  2. Wow! are you sure you didn’t get these beautiful picture from where I am living! We have allot of eagles here where I live. They are a very interesting bird and very beautiful. I think we have every thing here. Incredible fishing, some of the best. river rafting, hunting etc.


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