Camping is when we leave our homes to live and spend time away from home . Camping requires that we spend at least one night in a natural setting .

This can be done in a tent , a camper or a motor home . The more luxuries we have in the motor home , the more the line becomes ” blurred” .

Camping can be enjoyed in all 4 seasons and is best described as outdoor accommodation . It is often combined with hiking , canoeing , fishing , hunting and many other activities .

Camping requires the intention of spending the night outdoors . Homeless individuals sleeping outdoors would certainly not be camping . Camping is the “choice ” of sleeping in the great outdoors in a fairly ” natural ” setting .

The more electrical gadgets you have to prepare your meals while you watch the ” game ” on your tv , the further you are from camping !

As you cook your fish over an open flame under a starry sky you will understand the true meaning of tranquility that camping can bring you .

A loon is crying from across the lake . The moon is full and you can almost see forever . A frog croaking , a fish jumping and the fire crackling into the night .

This is one form of camping !

An Outbreak Of, Fire, The Flame, Censer

                 and these are other ones !


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  1. Wow what a great picture. It makes you want to go camping. You really know how to capture a person reading this.

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