Flying Into The Wilderness

Freedom Of Flight

Growing up as a young boy on the north- eastern coast of North America , I quickly became fascinated by the bird life along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean . Birds have given us the inspiration to fly , and their size and shape all factor into their flight characteristics . All birds use wind currents for travel and play , and this rising and falling with the wind was perhaps my first realization of the beauty of their flight . The arctic tern has always managed to capture my attention as they play in the blustery coastal winds . Arctic terns live long lives with many birds reaching well over 30 years of age . Tracking devices on these birds have shown that in one extreme case a tern had flown well over 50,000 miles in one year with 20 to 3o,000 miles being quite common .

Birding The River

It was when I started fishing the rivers , that I began to appreciate the varied environments that birds inhabit . There are over 8640 species of birds worldwide . Their size ranges from the tiny hummingbird at  3 g  to the ostrich which can weigh as much as 350 pounds .Their sizes , shapes and color have provided humans with lifetimes of study . As I explore the rivers of southern British Columbia I see dippers , great blue heron , eagles , osprey and countless numbers of other species such as Audubon’s warbler and the rufous-sided towhee . The eagles and the osprey are ubiquitous , but a fascinating bird to watch is the dipper as he makes his way up and down the river diving in search of food . Today’s world of outdoor tech has grown very extensively from the days of the spyglass and heavy , cumbersome binoculars . Today’s birders are often equipped with field glasses and cameras having image stabilization , and spotting scopes in the 60- power range . This results in High Definition photographs with detailed markings and coloring . Gone or rare , are the days of artistic renderings of bird species .

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A Lifetime Of Study

With over 8600 different species worldwide and inhabiting all seven continents , birds can provide countless hours and days of fascination in the great outdoors . Needless to say , that glass technology with image stabilization , will greatly enhance your viewing pleasure . Birds live in all of the Earth’s environments , from the oceans and forests , to the deserts and the lands of snow and ice . There are over 50 species of birds that cannot fly , such as the ostrich and the emu .

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Tropical birds have the widest range of color and the beauty of their plumage cannot be recreated by the best painters . Birds form flocks and many hunt for food alone . The smaller birds usually flock for security while the larger raptors hunt solo . There are gull-like birds , duck-like birds , and hawk-like birds . There are owls , perching birds , hummingbirds and penguins . There are eagles , falcons , swans , crows and ravens . There are over 8600 different species for you to study and photograph . Each major grouping of birds would require a lifetime to follow . So grab your field glasses , your spotting scopes and cameras and head out into the wilds of nature to capture this amazing bounty .



I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors. The mountains and rivers, ... and everything in between ... is always calling me. Nature is my sanctuary.


  1. Love Birds, I have two pet birds, African Grey’s…Beautiful pictures, and information.

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