Home from the Outdoors

I place a few more pieces of wood into the fire and lean back against my chair to take all this in. The last five days have been very satisfying and I have taken many photographs at “crescent marsh”. It is too small to have a name on a topographic map, so I will continue to call it as such. The three blinds I have built there are proving to be well worth the effort.

The crackling of the fire and its dancing flame add to the joy of my early morning coffee. The sun has not peaked over the mountains yet, but the birds and chipmunks and well into their daily chores. Their lives appear quite simple. Food, preening and cleaning, and the days spent in this wondrous beauty. Today I must return to civilization. It is beginning to sound more and more like an oxymoron.

There is much more peace and order out here in the “wilds” than there will be when I reach the city. I have many commitments and responsibilities there so I must return to honor them. I am grateful for these because they make me appreciate this outdoor world much more than if I was not obligated to them.

First on this list will be to repair my floor. I live in an older house, on a large lot, in the middle of a beautiful city. It is surrounded by trees and these trees are populated by many bird species and the ubiquitous squirrels. These trees are all old but they produce large quantities of nuts and fruit every year. Thankfully, the squirrels seem to understand that I like walnuts, hazelnuts, and pears as well. The cherries belong to the birds and squirrels.

For some reason or other, work or travel draw me away from home during these periods of harvest and I have to be quick and efficient to taste this bounty. It is a small price to pay for this luxury and I always enjoy returning home. The trees have begun their Spring cycle and it will be nice to see this up close. The winter has been cold and wet and this cycle is a few weeks late. Such is life. Way beyond my powers to comprehend so I observe and enjoy.

I return my gaze back to the fire and its warmth and energy quickly capture my attention. What is it about a fire that is so captivating to the human soul? It always fills a deep primal feeling inside me and with a fire, I never feel alone. It seems to have a soul of its own and its powers are much more than heat and light.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about life in a wilderness setting, please do not hesitate to bring them here for discussion and evaluation. Oftentimes, a different approach to an old problem is all that is required to produce a more refreshing solution, and a few good photographs always help as well.I wish you well and look forward to your replies.


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