Surviving When Outdoor Tech Is Not Required

Surviving A Home-Based Disaster

Recently , I had a friend ask ; ” What would I need if I had to survive a disaster in the city ? ” He went on to explain that he meant surviving a house fire , an earthquake or a major gas leak or some such similar event . This was a very good question indeed and it got me thinking along different lines and realizing that while being prepared to survive in the wilderness is extremely important in the wilderness ” , much of the equipment required in the wilderness would be quite useless in a city or urban environment .

Items That Should Be In Fire-Proof Storage

Here is a list of things that you should have in fire-proof/earthquake proof storage .

  • mobile phone and charging equipment
  • money – good ,old-fashioned CASH
  • family and friends contact numbers
  • banking details / account numbers etc…
  • house insurance policy
  • medications , required for all your family
  • passport / visa
  • spare clothing / toiletries
  • a First aid kit
  • headlamps and flashlights
  • bottled water and snacks
  • no cooking required foods
  • don’t forget your key-ring




I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors. The mountains and rivers, ... and everything in between ... is always calling me. Nature is my sanctuary.


  1. Great list to follow Paul. Thanks for providing it for us. I am so guilty of not having a basic survival/emergency kit at the ready. I don’t know why.

    • Thanks for the compliment . We are so often too busy to see what is so important to our lives . Our families will benefit greatly from our wisdom . Again , thank you .

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