Surviving When Outdoor Tech Is Not Required

Surviving A Home-Based Disaster

Recently , I had a friend ask ; ” What would I need if I had to survive a disaster in the city ? ” He went on to explain that he meant surviving a house fire , an earthquake or a major gas leak or some such similar event . This was a very good question indeed and it got me thinking along different lines and realizing that while being prepared to survive in the wilderness is extremely important in the wilderness ” , much of the equipment required in the wilderness would be quite useless in a city or urban environment .

Items That Should Be In Fire-Proof Storage

Here is a list of things that you should have in fire-proof/earthquake proof storage .

  • mobile phone and charging equipment
  • money – good ,old-fashioned CASH
  • family and friends contact numbers
  • banking details / account numbers etc…
  • house insurance policy
  • medications , required for all your family
  • passport / visa
  • spare clothing / toiletries
  • a First aid kit
  • headlamps and flashlights
  • bottled water and snacks
  • no cooking required foods
  • don’t forget your key-ring



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    • Thanks for the compliment . We are so often too busy to see what is so important to our lives . Our families will benefit greatly from our wisdom . Again , thank you .

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