10 Things You Should Know About My Website

1   This website is called “outdoortech4U.com” .

2   My name is Paul Boudreau .

3   This is a website about the use of technology in your outdoor activities .

4   Technology is a collection of methods used to perform a task .

5  This is a site about learning how to use technology to make our lives more productive and enjoyable .

6   This site can be of benefit to the beginner and the more experienced .

7  Technology , while not always ” human friendly ” , has brought us out of the DARK  AGES .

8  Share your SKILLS with someone .

9   Your comments are always welcome .

10  Here at OutdoorTech4U.com , I am always grateful for all your contributions to my website .

3 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About My Website”

  1. Interesting information and a handy guide for outdoor lovers. I didn’t read all your articles but you definitely should pay attention to the way so called ‘nature lovers’ leaving their trash behind in the woods or on the mountain hills. Once I read that the Himalayas are in danger of becoming a giant rubbish dump. Outdoor activities should start with respect for nature. Thanks for your attention.

    • Thank you very much for your comment , Desmond . This is something that really annoys me also . Many of these outdoor “types” have no respect for nature , let alone for themselves . I will address this issue in my next post . Again , thanks for bringing it up ! They talk the talk , but don’t walk the walk and yes MOUNT EVEREST is quickly becoming the highest garbage dump on the planet … thanks to all their RESPECT (ha ha) for this wonder of nature . A lot of these(conquerors) , have ego issues , and many are now BUYING their way up the mountain .

  2. Hello, Paul, I just wanted to say thank you for creating this website.
    I am a nature lover and enjoy going on nature walks and also fishing in my younger days.
    It is good to see you sharing your experiences in outdoor activities and showing how the use of technology can enhance our outdoor experiences.
    Would you agree that technology in particular the internet has kept many young people indoors and we have missed out on enjoying the beauty of nature?


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