The Big Bear Extra Large Camping Cot

Get off the cold ground with the Big Bear Camping Cot

Product Overview

The Big Bear Extra Large Military Cot is built tough. It is constructed of Super Strong Anodized Aluminum. The black 1200 D polyester fabric cover has velcro attachment straps to adjust the cot’s firmness.

Indoors or outdoors, this cot can handle all types of weather conditions. It is washable and mildew resistant. The Big Bear stands 17 inches off the ground providing you with lots of space to store your gear.

Comes with a convenient carry bag that has built-in shoulder straps. It’s easy to set up and take down making it a great addition at the cabin, while camping, or in emergency situations.

Very convenient when overnight guests drop by suddenly.

Main Features

  • easy to set up and take down
  • can support 375 pounds
  • very large, 80″ x 28.5″
  • built of Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum
  • has adjustable velcro straps for cover firmness
  • washable and mildew resistant
  • compact when in storage, 41 x 8 x 5 inches
  • carry bag with shoulder straps
  • 17 inches off the ground
  • lots of storage space underneath
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • comes with a free flashlight
  • 1-year limited factory warranty
  • ships in 1 business day or it’s FREE

The Drawbacks

  • 14.5 pounds
  • only available in Black
  • very comfortable, you may want to sleep in

My Personal Experience with Camp Cots

For years I slept on the bare ground. Soon after I upgraded to closed cell military style mattresses and then to self-inflating mattresses.

On one trip I was introduced to a camp cot by one of my friends. I quickly purchased a similar model and now I never leave home without camp cot.

As get older and a little wiser, I have upgraded this concept. I now place my self-inflating mattress in between my cot and sleeping bag.

I have also placed my Bivy Bag on top as well, to construct a very efficient and comfortable sleeping system. Have a look at how this Bivy Bag would help you get o great night’s sleep.

Have a look at how this Bivy Bag would help you get o great night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Camp cots have been used by the Military for years. There is no doubt that these cots provide a much better sleeping experience than sleeping on the bare ground.

The Big Bear Extra Large Camping Cot can be seen here.

You can add a closed cell or self-inflating mattress between the cot and your sleeping bag. I have also placed my sleeping pads and mattresses inside my Bivy Bag and then placed this entire system on the cot.

Talk about a great sleep. I could have easily slept in, but the morning sunrise won that battle. After all is said and done, camp cots have been around for years and they are the way to go.

Quick and easy to set up. Don’t leave home without yours! You’ll be much happier in the morning.

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If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this camp cot, please do not hesitate to leave them in the space below. I will do my best to answer all your replies in a timely manner.

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