My MSR Whisperlite International Stove Review

The MSR Whisperlite International Stove

The MSR Whisperlite International Stove Product Overview This tough little trooper is built to last. It uses Shaker Jet technology and this makes cleaning this stove as easy as shaking it. It burns very cleanly using White Gas and white gas varieties. With a minimum weight of 11 ounces (305 grams) and a packaged weight of 14.5 … Read more

My Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Stove Review

Coleman Single Burner Dual Fuel Stove

The Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel Stove This stove will cook all your outdoor meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in any weather, on your camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, and all other outdoor adventures. I bring this stove with me gold panning. It is lightweight and tough enough to follow me up and down the riverbeds. … Read more

My SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger Review

The SPOT Gen3

The SPOT™ Gen3 Satellite Messenger Product Overview The SPOT Gen3 provides location-based, emergency notification technology, and messaging that lets you communicate from remote locations all over the world. It also offers motion-activated tracking and custom tracking interval options. SPOT uses the GPS satellite network to determine your location and the Globalstar network of satellites to transmit … Read more