4 Ways to Brew Camp Coffee

Do you love Backpacking and the outdoors ?

but refuse to start your day without a good Java?

Well, here are

4 Great Ways to Brew Coffee in Camp

Coffee drinking always begins with coffee making. There are many ways to brew coffee at home, and this is quite an easy task to accomplish, however, with all the time we are spending outdoors, many companies are developing easier ways to brew a good cup of java .

Whether you are camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, or kayaking, there are many easy and light-weight solutions for you to enjoy your favorite cup of java.

I have assembled 4 easy ” coffee systems ” to ensure that you get your caffeine fix whether you are hiking, fishing, or backpacking.

How about an espresso?

1)   Espresso Coffee is quickly gathering popularity around the campfire. A good espresso is a sure fire way to get your morning off to a quick start. If you demand to start your day in the great outdoors with an espresso coffee then this might just be the machine for your backpack.

Travel light, Freeze at night is fine with you, as long as there is an espresso for breakfast.

This Minipresso can make an espresso anywhere. This little trooper is hand operated. No batteries or electric power required. Weighs only 10.4 ounces.

Read the instructions carefully and this is a game changer in the bush or in the boat.

DO NOT TAMP the coffee in the basket.

Don’t like espresso! then have a French press coffee!

2)   Another long time favorite is the French Press. 

This French press is made of vacuum-sealed, double-wall stainless steel and will keep your coffee or tea hot or cold for hours. This travel companion will brew coffee and tea on the go and you can drink it from the same container.

It has a non-slip grip and is available in 4 colors; white, red, green, and black.

Its spill-resistant lid and built-in plunger are all dishwasher safe.

Want something even more simple to use?

3)   Pour-over methods.  This is a funnel shaped container, best made of stainless steel or other food grade material. Simply place the funnel or container over your cup, mug, pot, or carafe, add coffee grounds to taste, and pour hot water into the container to get your drink.

These stainless steel filters replace old school paper filters and will last for many years when properly cared for. These filters can brew from 1 to 4 cups at a time are very easy to clean.

Pour over method filters also come in a collapsible silicone version. This version is more rugged and perhaps better suited to more abuse.

Want something more old-fashioned?

4)   Old-fashioned stainless steel coffee pot. 

This is an older means of brewing coffee over an open fire or stove top. These coffee pots use percolation to brew coffee and come in a variety of sizes. 6 and 9 cup sizes are sufficient for smaller groups and larger sizes are more appropriate for larger groups.

Heavy gauge stainless steel heats quickly. Comes with Percolator stem and basket. The pouring handle is insulated to protect your hands from the heat.

These pots have many replacement parts as well. 

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Four easy ways to enjoy your morning Java.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about lightweight coffee making equipment that is easy to use in the outdoors, do not hesitate to leave them in the space below.

I’m always interested in lightweight tools and gear that help me to better enjoy the outdoors without having to carry large loads like a mule.

I can be as stubborn as a mule, but never as strong as a mule!


4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Brew Camp Coffee”

    • Hi, Nick. Thanks for dropping by to read my blog. It’s always nice to have visitors that appreciate the outdoors. Hope to hear from you again real soon. Paul

  1. Happy to make your acquaintance, Hailey.

    My best friend is a 5-star Camper as well. He thinks nothing of trudging across his hotel room to grab the TV remote. Of course, after he’s done this he’s exhausted and will usually leave the curtains closed and do them in a second attempt.

    Like you, he just loves coffee. He’ll start his day with a cappuccino and a warm, flaky pastry. Not to be outdone, he’ll go hardcore and choose handmade vanilla ice cream. Pushing on, he’ll let this ice cream melt over his pastry while he applies the exact amount of pressure to change the channel to the Super Bowl. 

    Sometimes I wonder how he can surmount all these obstacles and still keep a smile on his face. I love to the hear the stories about his camping trips and I often wonder if I’d be able to go all the way. 

    I let these thoughts in sometimes when I’m slugging up the side of a mountain, on a rainy morning in the pleasant company of my insect friends.

    Like you, his love of coffee is only second to his honesty. Coffee and Honesty are always welcome on any camping adventure.

    When you go “hardcore 5-star”, do you prefer to have windows that face the morning sun?

    Can coffee or chocolate liqueurs affect the taste of a camper’s morning coffee?

    Well, I’ve got to go now. Don’ want my “no-see-um” friends to go hungry.

    Sometimes I wonder how you guys do it. 

    Maybe one day I’ll attain that level of greatness.

    Thanks for bringing your camping adventures into my world.

  2. Hey there

    Just want to start by saying I absolutely hate camping! Give me a 5 star hotel any day! My partner always says how fun it will be but all I think about is a shower a toilet my bed and a good coffee!
    Your article is great!
    You have explained the best ways to make this unbearable experience awesome by at least solving one of my issues! How to make coffee!
    Thanks so much


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