4 Ways to Increase your Success Rate

4 ways to increase your success rate

1) Have a plan

Having a plan is essential to any successful venture. Having a plan is having a purpose, a direction in which to arrive at a specific destination. How can you arrive at any location you want to get to without having a path to get there?

Making plans and developing ideas about what you want, and how you are going to arrive there is the beginning. It does not mean that you have to follow every exact detail that you begin with.

It is the starting point for all adventures. If you have no set location to travel towards, you veer to the right and to the left of your intended goal, sometimes on course, but more often, not on course.

Without a plan, you cannot work on your plan. You cannot improve it, add to it or delete anything that you think will not bring your desired result.

You are like a ship without a rudder and soon you will founder on the reefs of life.

2) Have a purpose

A purpose is a reason to set your plan into action. There are many reasons why you want to achieve something. You must be specific about your plan to have a real purpose.

You must find this reason to carry out the plan that you have set for yourself.

This reason must come from within you!

Now you will begin to comprehend the need to have a plan.

Having a reason to carry out your plan is essential to reaching its conclusion. As you can see, all of these factors about success are all inter-related. Success is the accomplishment of any goal or plan. It does not have to be the first light-bulb or the first moon landing.

Success is an achievement that means something for you!

Imagine you are in a gymnasium lifting weights. You do not start with the heaviest weight, you begin by using the smaller weights and with consistent practice, you gain more strength.

The goals that you set for yourself must be the same. Begin with small goals, build up your strength to complete these smaller goals and soon you will be accomplishing greater things.

3) Focus

 Focus is directed action towards a specific purpose!

You cannot focus on an unknown. When you have a plan, you have a specific idea, thought, or object, that you want to build, create or bring to life.

With your plan and purpose, it becomes much easier to focus on the results that you want to achieve.

Focus is concentration … to the next level.

4) Be Persistent

Success does not always arrive in a nicely wrapped gift box. In fact, many successful enterprises take years, and many never reach their intended conclusions.

It is not a box of fine chocolate, on Christmas morning, given to you by someone.

With your plan and the reason for your plan, it becomes easier to motivate yourself. A plan is a result that you want to achieve. When you know the results that you are trying to reach, it becomes much easier to apply your effort to this purpose. It brings a feeling of wellness to you.

This feeling of wellness is necessary to continue along your journey. Day after day, spent in misery and disappointment are not very conducive to creativity. You must enjoy your daily activities otherwise, … where is the success?

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on Success and what it means to you, please leave them in the space below.

Is success more often a physical result or is it the warm feeling inside, that we feel with a specific result?

Can someone else really define success for you?

4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Increase your Success Rate”

  1. Thanks for the good advice. This is the kind of stuff I really need to be reminded about, because I tend to be one of those out-of-focus, all over the place types. And it’s easy to forget about the purpose and plan when you’re like me. And it’s hard to be persistent if you don’t have a goal, or if you’ve forgotten or been distracted from your goal!

    • Hi Penelope and thanks for your lovely comments. Makes me happy that you appreciate my blog.

      These wonderful ideas were passed on to me by others as well. It’s always nice to be reminded about these time tested methods that all help us to better ourselves.

      Hope to hear from you again real soon.


  2. Thanks, Issac.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. Having a plan increases your chance for success. I want to emphasize that success should be your idea of success and not someone else’s success.

    Have a plan, focus your effort, and work consistently in that direction.

    The results will please you.


  3. Great article on how to achieve success! I completely agree with all of these steps. In my opinion, the last step can be broken down a bit as it is the longest step. As you’ve mentioned, sometimes our plan might fail, which is very possible. If everyone had the plan to be rich, would everyone succeed? Surely some of them will fail. I’d add to readjust our plan accordingly should our initial plan not work. But this new plan will still direct us to our original goal.

    Just my two cents=)


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