Can You Score A 10 On My Baby Animals Quiz ?


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1)   the newborn of  Mountain Lions ( Cougars ) are called

a)   cubs

b)   kittens

c)   joey

d)   ephyna

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2)   the newborn beaver is called

a)   shoat

b)   pup

c)   kitten

d)   farrow

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3)   the newborn wolf is called

a)   whelp

b)   kit

c)   a pup

d)   farrow

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4)   the newborn killer whale is called

a)   shoat

b)   a calf

c)   dolly

d)   newt

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5)   the newborn giraffe is called

a)   shoat

b)   calf

c)   farrow

d)   hatcher

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6)   a newborn hedgehog is called a

a)   mute

b)   array

c)   pup

d)   piglet

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7)   a newborn llama is called a

a)   ephyna

b)   calf

c)   tumbler

d)   cria

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8)   a newborn monkey is called a

a)   kitten

b)   pup

c)   array

d)   infant

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9)   a newborn opossum is called a 

a)   stot

b)   jack

c)   pup

d)   joey

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10)   a newborn platypus is called a

a)   pup

b)   chick

c)   puggle

d)   squeaker

answers ; 1) b , 2) b & c , 3) a & c , 4) b , 5) b , 6) c & d , 7) d , 8) d , 9) d , 10) c .

Thank you for taking on my baby animal quiz . I hope you scored well . As usual , your comments are always welcomed and I wish you all the Peace and Joy that the wilderness provides ! Have a great day in the outdoors !

9 thoughts on “Can You Score A 10 On My Baby Animals Quiz ?”

  1. Paul this was a lot of fun. I thought I knew most of the answers but caught my self looking for the answer below, and was really surprised at the answer.

  2. Hi Paul, a nice gentleman told me about your quiz about animals.
    Being an animal lover, I decided to come and take a look, busy as I am.
    I found it quite interesting and of educational value as well. So it’s certainly time well spent instead of chatting endlessly on Whatsapp with my group of friends.
    My score was 60%, should have gotten a few more correct answers actually. At least I guessed correctly that a baby monkey was called an infant, as how some humans grin like baboons. 😉

    • Thanks Sue for taking my newborn animals quiz . Your score was quite respectable . What type of nature activities do you participate in ? Perhaps I can prepare a quiz in an area that is of interest to the geography that you spend your leisure time in .

    • Hi Paul, I usually go for nature walks or picnics. It could be a walk up a hill or at the botanic gardens or a reservoir with a trail. In Singapore, which is my home country, there is a very big indoor garden where one can see plants and flowers from all over the world. The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are also very popular tourist attractions. Picnics could be in a park or at the seaside depending which country I am in. I love the sun and the sea too but it has been a long time since I went swimming and snorkeling. Maybe a quiz about different types of primates would be interesting! 😉

  3. All of the Quiz’s you provide are so interesting. I often times know a lot of the answers, but some leave me questioning and lead me to check out below to see for sure. I am learning a lot from your entire website.

    Thank you for taking the time to create something so informative and educational. I’ll be eagerly awaiting more info. 🙂

    Your website is tops in my book!

    A Happy Reader,


    • Thank you Eileen for your comments . Creating is so much easier when wonderful people enjoy your efforts . I’m thinking of a special friend I met who makes apple butter . She sure understands the value of the many compliments her friends give her . Makes my mouth water just thinking about it . The garden contains an outdoor world of its own

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