Can You Score A 10 On My Rivers Quiz ?

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What is a River ?

A river is a natural watercourse flowing towards the ocean , a lake or another river . Rivers have collected many names over time and some of these are ; streams , creeks and brooks . The are also called burns , rivulets , rills , runs , burns and becks .

Many of these definitions are local and used for smaller rivers , with streams and creeks being quite popular . Some rivers will flow into a hole in the ground and dry up . These are called Dry Rivers .

A river begins at a source , follows a course , and ends at its mouth . A river will flow through a channel , will have a bed , and a right and left bank .

The right or left bank of the river is determined by the direction of flow ; for example , the right bank of the river , is the right side of the direction of flow .

There are Youthful Rivers , Mature Rivers , Old Rivers and Rejuvenated Rivers .

How Rivers Have Been Used

Rivers have been used for drinking water , irrigation , and as a food source , in the case of fishing . Rivers are also used as a means of transportation , a source of hydro-electric power and unfortunately as a means of waste disposal .

Transportation , hydro-electric energy procurement and waste disposal have had a very negative impact on rivers . As a means of transportation , rivers have helped greatly in the development of all the continents with the exception of Antarctica .

They provide many hours of recreation in the great outdoors and a lot of outdoor tech has been developed for this purpose .

1)   the longest river in the world is …

a)   Yangtze River

b)   Amazon River

c)   Nile River

d)   Congo River

2)   the longest river in Canada is …

a)   Peace River

b)   Yukon River

c)   Churchill River

d)   Fraser River

3)   the longest river in the United States of America is …

a)   Rio Grande River

b)   Mississippi River

c)   Missouri River

d)   Arkansas River

4)   the longest river in Europe is the …

a)   Ural River

b)   Danube River

c)   Volga River

d)   Tobol River

5)   the longest river in Asia is the …

a)   Yellow River

b)   Indus River

c)   Mekong River

d)   Yangtze River

6)   the longest river in Australia is the …

a)   Bulloo River

b)   Warrego River

c)   Murray River

d)   Darling River

7)   the longest river in Singapore is the …

a)   Geylang River

b)   Rochor River

c)   Singapore River

d)   Kallang River

8)   the longest river in South America is the …

a)   Purus River

b)   Amazon River

c)   Madeira River

d)   Tocantins River

9)   the longest river in Japan is the …

a)   Teshio River

b)   Mogami River

c)   Shinano River

d)   Abukuma River

10)   the longest river in Mexico is the …

a)   Balsas River

b)   Rio Conchos

c)   Nazas River

d)   Rio Grande

Thank you for participating in my longest rivers quiz . Feel free to comment on this quiz and which country or continent did you least associate with long rivers ? Thank you for all the wonderful comments that you post on my website .

answers ; 1) c , 6,853 km , 2) b , 3,187 km , 3) c , 3,767 km , 4) c , 3,692 km , 5) d , 6,300 km , 6) c , 2,508 km , 7) d , 10 km , 8) b , 6,437 km , 9) c , 367 km , 10) d , 3,051 km .

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