Trashing The Wilderness

Great To Hear From You !

I am always happy to receive comments about my website and the content that I choose to publish . For me , it is a means of steering my content in a user helpful direction . After all , I want to engage you , the reader , in the many discussions we have here about the use of outdoor tech in all of our wilderness activities . Recently , I received a comment from a reader expressing great concern about all the Garbage that he has been coming across in his many outdoor activities . Like many us here , who spend a lot of time in nature , we are perplexed and angered by these constant visual reminders of ” civilization ” .

What Were They Thinking !

What is happening internally , when these people throw away their garbage . This seems to be an , ” out of site – out of mind ” , philosophy that is in certain need of re-adjustment . In the lowlands , on my many hikes along the rivers and lakes I am constantly presented with these piles of garbage . Coffee cups , sandwich wrappers , drinking cups , flotation toys , plastic bottles , beer cans and more items than I care to mention – I’ve even found a metal spoon and a metal fork – no knife yet , but sooner or later I may find one . This does not include the many plastic utensils that I come across . Thoughtless , uncaring human beings , who seem to think that they have the right to litter their way through life tossing and chucking their crap this way and that way . This same thoughtless act is also displayed by the people who toss their cigarette butts out the windows of their cars and trucks , causing many grass fires and many major forest fires every summer .

If you are reading this , you most likely do not belong to this club but we probably share the same degree of frustration , in that we seem powerless to remedy this situation . Now , I am not Mother Theresa or any other godly form of humanity that has never sinned , however , I can say with great certainty that I did not leave any garbage in the wilderness on my last expedition , nor do I plan to leave any on my next trip into the wilderness . While we are on the subject of expeditions or adventures into the great outdoors , think of all the garbage that has been left on Mount Everest . There is more garbage on Mount Everest now than in the local refuse site of a small town or village . Sad .

We all get the picture , and ironically many of us who feel this frustration , do not spend much time with these types because of character and life style differences . So much has been written about this subject that it could fill many volumes , and in addition to this we can include the many children’s school campaigns .

I Need Your Help !

Therefore , I am asking you today , to dig DEEP into your creative self-consciousness to find simple , effective ways of solving this ugly scar on humanity . Please send your comments to this website so that we can address this issue collectively and hopefully find a quick solution . This can not be policed . We must find the internal link within us that will solve this problem .`

6 thoughts on “Trashing The Wilderness”

  1. Hi Paul

    Yep, junk is an issue all over the world. Luckily there are many solutions – on my website I have posted and linked many ways of re-looking at junk not as a negative thing but in fact as an asset, and as the solution in fact to fixing the global issues of sustainability, climate change, economic melt down etc etc. For example, plastic is made form fossil fuels and the process can be reversed: turning junk plastics back into oil for use in diesel and so on. Check out my pages on and go to Green Products and Services for the Waste To Energy plant. Or google Pyrolysis as the process I am referring to here. Also check biogas et al.

    • Hi NikoDemis … and thanks for visiting my website . We certainly share the same passion for the environment , and our thoughts on environmental sustainability and reassessing our approach to these ” mountains ” of plastics that litter our world , walk hand in hand . I have visited your website and had a quick read , however there is so much information there that I will have to return . I look forward to exploring many of these new ideas and hope to hear from you again real soon . Again , thanks and many wonderful adventures to you and Simone .

  2. I totally agree with your blog. People have no respect for the beauty of nature and what problems they are causing. It is surprising…I am sure it is not much different with their own personal life. They were not taught at a young age how to show respect for things. They just leave it to the people that do care, and will do the cleaning up after them. I think they are just plain ignorant to life it self!

    • Thank you Linda for visiting my site . I can see that you have a great respect for nature . Let’s keep educating some of our fellow humans …

  3. Thank you so much for your comments Eileen . I am also perplexed by this lack of respect in today’s fast paced life style . Many of us are left standing in disbelief as to how this situation can be remedied . Thankfully , there are many thoughtful people who go out of their way to help clean up these callous acts on mother nature . If you can find new ways of dealing with this issue please return here to share them with us .

  4. It is sad. People seem to have lost all respect for everything. The world has changed so much just in my lifetime. We used to taught in school to respect other people’s property, not even to walk on their grass! Now there is trash lining the streets, highways, beaches, and wilderness…. Other than public service announcements, and teaching children respect – AGAIN – I have no clue how to solve the problem.
    It is a sad, sad state of affairs and extremely disappointing.


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