Can You Score A 10 On My Wilderness Quiz ?

Hi and welcome to one of the many Outdoor Quizzes at this website . These quizzes are here to help you get engaged in the world of nature . Nature can be classified into many different areas and subject groups . Please feel free to comment on these subjects and also feel free to suggest topics that you would like to have explored .

1)  The right bank of a river is …

a )   the bank of the river where most fish are consistently caught

b)   the bank of the river where the water carves the deepest channels

c )   the right bank is always on the right side of the direction the water is flowing

d )   it is impossible to scientifically determine the right bank of a river in the northern hemisphere

2 )  A blue moon is …

a )   an astrophysical phenomena caused by the refraction of light from the blue spectrum on the moon

b )   is an expression from the middle ages describing depression associated with the menstrual cycle

c )  there is no recorded evidence in astronomy about the moon ever being blue

d )   a blue moon is the second full moon in any calendar month

3 )  tumble home is …

a )   a stumbling walk to your place of residence after an all night party

b )   the curve of a boat’s sides , when the sides curve back inward , so the gunwale is inward of the side at its greatest bulge

c )  a ” tornado alley ” expression describing your mobile home’s behavior during a tornado

d )   a middle age description of a small straw-roofed hut

4 )   worldwide , how many species of birds are there ?

a )   6098

b )   5437

c )  987

d )  8640

5 )   what is the approximate number of bird species that cannot fly ?

a )   12

b )   9

c )   60

d )  236

6) How many species of salmon are there in Canada ?

a ) 7

b)  4

c )   5

d )  6

7  ) What percentage of animal life is harbored by the oceans of the planet ?

a )  62 %

b )   27%

c) 91%

d )  80%

8 ) Which one of these terms is not part of a fishing hook ?

a) point

b) shank

c) barb

d) knot

9 ) A young shark is called 

a) a pup

b) guffy

c) a basking

d) smolt

10 ) killer whales can reach speeds of up to 

a) 27 kph

b) 39 kph

c) 56 kph

d) 24 kph

answers : 1) c , 2) d , 3) b , 4) d , 5) c , 6) 6 , 7) d , 8) d , 9) a , 10 ) c .

This easy wilderness quiz is for your entertainment . Please feel free to comment and also include any tidbits of your own about this fascinating world of nature !










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