Hiking the River

Hiking the River

The many sights and sounds of a pleasant walk along the river

Hiking the river is always a fascinating experience. The river is constantly changing its banks, its bed, and its surface. As I walk the riverbank this morning, I see the waterfowl heavily engaged in their Spring ritual. The Buffleheads, the Common Goldeneyes, and the Mergansers. All around there are Bald eagles, a Northern Harrier hawk, and the ubiquitous crows and seagulls.

Is the river a part of Nature, or is Nature part of the river? All the sounds of the river seem to blend in unison and harmony as I make my way up-river. It has been almost two months now of recuperation and TLC for my knee. What a pleasant healing process it has been. My injured knee is finally beginning to function properly again.

There are almost always a few fishermen on the river, even on the most inclement of days. These are the Winter Steelhead fishermen. They are the hardcore. They walk the river, up and down, reading the water, in a never-ending search for that elusive fish.

Suddenly the silence is broken by the honking of birds, and I look skyward to see four Tundra swans flying in formation above me. It’s hard to imagine or predict what I will capture with my camera. Today, I get lucky and manage to capture these swans as they fly in formation, honking away at their heart’s content.

I often wonder what the birds are saying to each other and today is no different. I can only imagine what they are telling each other but I feel confident that they are happy. Happy to be flying. Happy to be free. Isn’t flying the epitome of freedom?

Mortals that we are, we are not permitted flight, and yet we often dream of it. The view and the winds blowing across our faces would be just too much for us to handle. This is perhaps God’s way of teaching us. We have not evolved sufficiently to fly – yet!

On this thought, I walk down to the water, as I hear the dog gulping this bubbling elixir. To my right, I see a beautiful fishing float. It is a Drennan float. In excellent condition, I will add it to my collection. I place it in my vest.

The river always gives back. I too, fish the rivers, and even though this float is not the one I lost today, It looks like one of the many that we all lose. Has the dog found my float or has some mysterious force brought me here to this fine piece of fishing gear?

The sun is shining on the snowy, mountain peaks as I admire my new find. Has this float ever been involved in a battle with the majestic Steelhead? I will never be able to know this.

However, I know in almost certainty that I will work with the river in the near future in my quest for this elusive fish. Beware fish, I will be on your trail/tail soon!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about hiking and its benefits to your physical or emotional well-being, please do not hesitate to leave them in the space below!




2 thoughts on “Hiking the River”

  1. Hi there,
    I have just read your post on Hiking the River and its as if I was walking down the river as well, you’ve described it so elegantly.
    What a great way to be in… one with nature. and to have a camera with you to record the scenes as they happen
    One can always revisit these moments and bring them to life again, just like they happened back then
    Cheers and best wishes…….Phil Browne

    • Thanks Phil for your kind words.

      There is so much to see, to hear and to appreciate in the outdoors that it should be an Olympic sport.

      I always make time to be on the river or in the mountains. The sights and sounds are always comforting and refreshing.

      The scenery is always changing and a camera helps to freeze the memories for future reference.

      Hope you will drop by again.


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