Why do we listen to a good story?

Why do we listen to a good Story?

Everyone loves a good story Storytelling dates back to the early days of our ancestors as they huddled around a roaring fire. Their stomachs full, they were all gathered around the campfire, for the safety that it provided. They needed some form of entertainment. Television and the Internet were still thousands of years away. They … Read moreWhy do we listen to a good story?

Surviving In The Financial Wilderness

Surviving in the financial wilderness

Surviving In The Financial Wilderness What Is The Financial Wilderness? The Financial Wilderness is an uncultivated, uninhabited wasteland where rabid wolves prowl in search of prey. Venturing into this wasteland alone and unpreparedly is dangerous and unwise. As in all wastelands, when you find, yourself lost, you quickly realize that resources are very hard to … Read moreSurviving In The Financial Wilderness

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