Ten Things You Should Know About Outdoor Tech

1   Outdoor Tech is a reference to all means of technology used in the great outdoors . It ranges from primitive technology such as the stone ax and the atlatl spear thrower to modern day GPS satellite navigation . Consistent improvements in the science of materials and manufacturing give new copies of old ideas more strength and less weight .

2   Outdoor Tech includes all primitive weapons such as the spear , the bow and arrow , the cross-bow and all the Middle Age weapons right up to modern day weapons of warfare . Also included are all the modern guns that are used for war and hunting .

3   Outdoor Tech includes all the ” glass ” we use in our rifle scopes , our spotting scopes , binoculars and cameras .  Modern lens technology has created better glass with more resolution . Binoculars and cameras now have image stabilization and we surely can’t exclude night vision characteristics in modern day optics .

4   Outdoor Tech is also about our use of science , particularly physics and chemistry , in our never ending improvement of fishing equipment . Fishing poles have to be badly abused to break , fishing line is rated in ” pound test ” , floats are almost weightless , and hooks are made of stronger material and in an endless number of sizes .

5   Outdoor Tech has shown us why some furs , especially reindeer , has great insulating value . Modern day clothing is an industry onto itself . Layered clothing  with wicking properties , light-weight rain wear , and breathable materials all make our days and nights in nature that much more enjoyable .

6   Outdoor Tech has revolutionized the water sports industry . From the inflated animal skins that early man used to cross rivers and lakes , to modern day water-craft this industry knows no boundaries . From the birch bark canoe that required constant repair , to early wooden boats , to modern day water craft made of near indestructible materials , this sector of the outdoor world is in constant growth and improvement .

7   Outdoor Tech has also revolutionized the snow sports industry . Sleds and skis to glide over the snow – snowshoes to walk on top of it – these were the first tools for dealing with deep snow when travelling long distances in search of food and shelter . Today’s skis and snowshoes are made of lighter and more durable materials and still the solution to the problem was solved a long time ago .

8   Outdoor Tech is about learning and teaching . Think about all your family and friends that have shown you how to use these tools and methods over the years . When we are not learning from a real living person we learn some new tip or trick from a book that someone wrote . Please  leave your comments or criticisms about any or all of these ideas about outdoor tools and the best ways to use them .

9   When we take a closer look at Outdoor Tech we can see that we sometimes only  improve on old ideas . If we take skis and snowshoes as an example , this is the case , but when we look at guns and GPS units , the opposite is true . Even though new technologies are not always “friendly” , a very strong case can be made that they have none the less made our lives easier than in the past .

10  Outdoor Tech has improved many areas of our lives over the years and surely never as quickly as in the last decade . Yet , even though we make great strides forward , sometimes our advances are not always beneficial to the greater good .

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