Ten Things You Should Have In Your Wilderness Survival Kit

1   The most important item to have in your wilderness survival kit is a clear-thinking BRAIN ! The most important thing you can have in a situation where your life is in danger , is the ability to think clearly . Along with a clear thinking , relaxed mind , the following tools and items should be carried with you at all times if you decide to venture deep into the wilds of nature . Below , I will list the remaining items to have in your kit by Category or Group .

2   CUTTING TOOLS . This means a good full tang knife . It shouldn’t have all kinds of gadgets on it , but it should be fairly strong , easy to sharpen and easy to use . Learn how to sharpen your knife with a small stone you carry or one you can find in nature . A small ax and a small saw can also be included . One or both of these can serve as a backup and this philosophy should be considered depending on the type of geographical area you frequent and the climate of that area .

3  A FIRE TOOL . The ability to start a fire when you are LOST and ALONE is your greatest asset to ensure your survival . Fire tools can be , a lighter , a magnesium fire starter , or a ferro-rod . Ferrocerium is a man -made material that will produce sparks of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit when scraped against the steel of your knife . One of the many results of outdoor tech .

4   ROPE , WIRE and TAPE . These can be used to build your shelter , make snares to catch game or for first aid . Include rope that could also be used for fishing line . Learning how to make knots and snares is a very useful wilderness skill . Animal and bird traps can also be fashioned from this group .

5   SHELTER , in the form of a small piece of tarp or heavy plastic approximately 2 meters x 2 meters to protect you from rain or snow and help to keep you dry . A poncho or a construction- grade garbage bag can also be included . Outdoor tech has created ” space blankets ” that are very useful in keeping your body warm .

6   A small metal cooking POT and WATER BOTTLE . When you are COLD and alone , simple HOT water will do wonders for your state of mind . Boiling water is the easiest way to disinfect it . I use a small titanium pot into which I can nestle a one liter nalgene bottle or a military-style canteen with a stainless steel cup/pot that fit into a pouch that you can attach to your belt or pack .

7   HEAD-LAMP and FLASHLIGHT complete with one set of batteries . Today’s modern outdoor tech has many versions of good , reliable lighting tools . I carry these models in ” AAA” , so that my batteries are compatible and fairly light weight , while giving good performance in the 80 to 100 lumens range .

8   A COMPASS . Purchase a good compass and learn how to use it . In addition to giving you confidence in your direction of travel , it will save you many miles of unnecessary walking . A good compass will include a mirror that can be used for signalling and first aid should you end up with some debris in your eyes .

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9   A NEEDLE for sewing and first aid . Include a few FISHING HOOKS of various sizes in this category . This is a very light weight and useful group of items . If you are in the middle of a dry , barren area , with no lakes for hundreds of miles , fish-hooks can still be used for catching LAND mammals , reptiles and birds .

10  All these items should be of excellent quality . They should also be multi-functional . Wilderness survival kits have become an industry of their own . Many people who spend a lot of time in the wild have developed kits that are of excellent quality and content . Time and experience will help you build a kit that is practical for YOU and the geography you frequent . Learn to use these items and explore the ways of their multi- functionality . I have included more than one item in all the groups to help you select a kit that works for you and one that you feel comfortable to carry . All these categories should be included in your kit . This kit will  weigh a few pounds but is one that you will be very happy to have should you ever NEED a survival kit . DO NOT rely on one of these pre-made ” sardine” can kits . These kits are best left at home near the REAL sardines , just in case they would require such a kit .


Again , I welcome your comments and criticisms . This is not the be all-end all kit , but it is quite complete . More important than the actual physical tools in your kit is your MENTAL STRENGTH and FORTITUDE . THIS IS WHAT WILL ENSURE YOUR SURVIVAL ! You can survive for weeks without food but you NEED to maintain your core temperature . Disinfected WATER IS YOUR NEXT PRIORITY . Good luck in all your wilderness adventures and make it back safely to your loved ones !




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