What is a Supermoon ?



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What is a Supermoon ?

Mother Nature is always providing wonder to us mortals . The gods of nature always seem to have an event of beauty up their sleeve , to keep us in awe of Her presence and  power .

The month of September is often called the month of the Harvest Moon , however this year we are presented with a Supermoon . A Supermoon occurs when a new moon or a full moon is at ” perigee ” . This is when the Moon is closest to Earth .

In addition to a Supermoon , this year ( 2015 ) we are receiving a rare two for one celestial treat . Tonight , ( Sept. 27, 2015 ) , we will be able to witness a rare Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse combination . The next total eclipse of the moon will not happen until the year 2018 , and the next Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse combination will not occur until the year 2033 .

When the moon is at perigee it is still 220,000 miles away from Earth . Because of its closer position , it now appears 14% larger in diameter and 30% brighter , at about 30,000 miles closer than average . The Moon ‘s orbit around the Earth is in the form of an ellipse and not a perfect circle and this is the Mathematics of this celestial event .

The Total Lunar Eclipse will last for more than one hour . A full eclipse of the moon is when the Moon , the Earth and the Sun are in alignment and the Earth’s shadow is completely covering the moon .

Unlike when viewing a Solar Eclipse , no special equipment is required to observe a lunar eclipse , however , binoculars , spotting scopes and telescopes will greatly enhance your viewing pleasure . Needless to say that a camera will capture an extremely rare event to cherish for a lifetime .

Superstition , Prophesy and Folklore

A total lunar eclipse is often referred to as a ” blood moon “ or a ” hunter’s moon “ because of the reddish-orange tint that occurs during the phases of the eclipse . This tint is caused by sunrises and sunsets glinting off the surface of the Earth .

To many people , the Supermoon is not only an event to observe and witness , but an event that can have religious significance . To others , this will be an event of apprehension and foreboding .

Whatever your reasons are to observe and participate in the beauty of Nature , late today and early tomorrow’s rare celestial event is one that should not be missed . This is an event that will only occur a few times in your lifetime – it would be such a shame to miss it .

In Genesis 1:1 … In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth … Whatever your beliefs are , there is no doubt that this is a wondrous creation , incapable of copy by mere mortals …

I hope that your observance of this Supermoon will bring as much pleasure and wonder to your life as it will to mine . I welcome any and all comments that you will bring to my website and in addition , any topics and areas of Natural Events that you would be interested in reading about or of expanding your knowledge in .


I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors. The mountains and rivers, ... and everything in between ... is always calling me. Nature is my sanctuary.


  1. Great post and beautiful photo!
    It was very informative and interesting to read.
    I like the layout of your website and how clean you kept everything and also, I’d like to see more photos, for every post at least one.
    Good job!

    • Thank you for visiting my website and for the suggestion . I have to agree that more photos would be in order …

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