What is a Supermoon ?



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What is a Supermoon ?

Mother Nature is always providing wonder to us mortals . The gods of nature always seem to have an event of beauty up their sleeve , to keep us in awe of Her presence and  power .

The month of September is often called the month of the Harvest Moon , however this year we are presented with a Supermoon . A Supermoon occurs when a new moon or a full moon is at ” perigee ” . This is when the Moon is closest to Earth .

In addition to a Supermoon , this year ( 2015 ) we are receiving a rare two for one celestial treat . Tonight , ( Sept. 27, 2015 ) , we will be able to witness a rare Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse combination . The next total eclipse of the moon will not happen until the year 2018 , and the next Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse combination will not occur until the year 2033 .

When the moon is at perigee it is still 220,000 miles away from Earth . Because of its closer position , it now appears 14% larger in diameter and 30% brighter , at about 30,000 miles closer than average . The Moon ‘s orbit around the Earth is in the form of an ellipse and not a perfect circle and this is the Mathematics of this celestial event .

The Total Lunar Eclipse will last for more than one hour . A full eclipse of the moon is when the Moon , the Earth and the Sun are in alignment and the Earth’s shadow is completely covering the moon .

Unlike when viewing a Solar Eclipse , no special equipment is required to observe a lunar eclipse , however , binoculars , spotting scopes and telescopes will greatly enhance your viewing pleasure . Needless to say that a camera will capture an extremely rare event to cherish for a lifetime .

Superstition , Prophesy and Folklore

A total lunar eclipse is often referred to as a ” blood moon “ or a ” hunter’s moon “ because of the reddish-orange tint that occurs during the phases of the eclipse . This tint is caused by sunrises and sunsets glinting off the surface of the Earth .

To many people , the Supermoon is not only an event to observe and witness , but an event that can have religious significance . To others , this will be an event of apprehension and foreboding .

Whatever your reasons are to observe and participate in the beauty of Nature , late today and early tomorrow’s rare celestial event is one that should not be missed . This is an event that will only occur a few times in your lifetime – it would be such a shame to miss it .

In Genesis 1:1 … In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth … Whatever your beliefs are , there is no doubt that this is a wondrous creation , incapable of copy by mere mortals …

I hope that your observance of this Supermoon will bring as much pleasure and wonder to your life as it will to mine . I welcome any and all comments that you will bring to my website and in addition , any topics and areas of Natural Events that you would be interested in reading about or of expanding your knowledge in .

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