What is outdoor tech 4 u ?


Outdoor tech is simply , any form of man-made technology that can be used by individuals and groups while they are engaged in outdoor and wilderness activities . All this tech has been designed 4 U . It has been constructed for you to use in all of your wilderness adventures .

If we look at modern day equipment , for example , we quickly realize its reduction in weight as compared to earlier versions . Tents , stoves , sleeping systems and backpacks are all being built in lighter and more durable styles and with more functions . Today’s tents are lighter , have shock-corded carbon-fiber poles and breathable fabrics which can also be mold resistant . Compare this to canvas and oiled – cloth shelters of days long past . Sleeping systems that were made of animal skin or woolen blankets have now been replaced with synthetic hollow-cored materials . Bird – down remains as a superior insulating material , however it is greatly affected by damp environments .

Simply stated , technology is the use of scientific knowledge to produce better products for you to use in all your wilderness adventures . In the world of Electronics , for instance , we refer to new products as gen-3 , gen-4 or whatever the case may be . Many product areas are developing in leaps and bounds , and these advances make these new versions more capable , easier to use and with many new functions .

In navigation , for instance , we began with a traditional compass and have now evolved to hand-held GPS units with installed maps , weather reports , barometers and altimeters . We are now able to plot courses and retrieve them at will . In addition to these navigational functions , many units include communication functions with 10 + kilometers ranges .

In the world of optics , such as binoculars and spotting scopes , image stabilization and night-vision capabilities  speak for themselves . Image stabilization as rendered the point and shoot camera , an easy to use instrument , in the hands of inexperienced  photographers . Today , a novice photographer , can return from an outdoor activity with a photographic album to impress his or her friends and have a permanent record for posterity .

In nutrition , ” just add water ” meals in a bag , MRE’s and ” bars ” of every description and flavor are available as easy to carry and consume . Backpacking stoves and their fuel weigh less than the meals they can cook even at moderate altitudes . Of course , elevation plays an important factor in fuel consumption , yet weight amounts have been significantly reduced .

In hydration , water filters are available in filtered-liter capacity , and in many models . These water filters provide us with great assurance that the water we are drinking is safe .

All in all , these new and convenient tools , instruments and clothing are often replaced by old-fashioned methods and means that have stood up to the tests of time . Here , I refer to Arctic expeditions and their use of igloos , animal skins and sled-dogs . Sometimes , Mother Nature demands that we use her products and not our man-made creations . When the winds are too strong for your tent , when your layers refuse to keep you warm , and when your machinery won’t start – it’s comforting to be inside an igloo , wearing and sleeping on reindeer skins with a team of Huskies curled up in a snow bank . Rest assured , that they’ll be ready long before you can make yourself face these Arctic winds .

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