Springtime Activities In The Wilderness

   Springtime Activities For The Wilderness When does Spring Begin? This year, 2016, Canada will see its earliest Spring in 120 years. The vernal equinox takes place at exactly 0430 hrs UTC, on March 20 for the entire planet. Since this time is before midnight, in the Pacific Time Zone where I live, we will … Read more

The Best Bear Spray For The Wilderness

Frontier Bear Spray

  The Best Bear Spray For The Wilderness Why should you bring Bear Spray into the wilderness? Fatal and non-fatal bear attacks, occur every year in North America. These attacks on campers, hikers, hunters and others who venture into the wilderness are extremely rare and yet there are many recorded incidents, of all bear species, … Read more

Surviving In The Financial Wilderness

Surviving in the financial wilderness

Surviving In The Financial Wilderness What Is The Financial Wilderness? The Financial Wilderness is an uncultivated, uninhabited wasteland where rabid wolves prowl in search of prey. Venturing into this wasteland alone and unpreparedly is dangerous and unwise. As in all wastelands, when you find, yourself lost, you quickly realize that resources are very hard to … Read more