Springtime Activities In The Wilderness

   Springtime Activities For The Wilderness When does Spring Begin? This year, 2016, Canada will see its earliest Spring in 120 years. The vernal equinox takes place at exactly 0430 hrs UTC, on March 20 for the entire planet. Since this time is before midnight, in the Pacific Time Zone where I live, we will … Read more

The Best Backcountry Compact Stove

Snow Peak Gigapower Stainless Steel Stove Product Description This is an excellent quality, light, and extremely compact backcountry stove. The burner is fully adjustable and has excellent simmering characteristics. The GigaPower has a quick boil time, using a proprietary, ultra-high-quality blend of isobutane, butane, and propane, which Packs into a small , strong plastic case – … Read more