Springtime Activities In The Wilderness

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Springtime Activities For The Wilderness

When does Spring Begin?

This year, 2016, Canada will see its earliest Spring in 120 years. The vernal equinox takes place at exactly 0430 hrs UTC, on March 20 for the entire planet. Since this time is before midnight, in the Pacific Time Zone where I live, we will begin “ our ” Spring on March 19.

The arrival of Spring is always welcomed news , as the sun rises earlier and  sets later in the day . The days are becoming longer , the weather is getting warmer and after a long cold winter, outdoor life is beginning a new cycle of growth .

A New Cycle Of Life

Personally, I always like the arrival of a new season. It is a time to “reset” my life activities, in a way. I consider myself very fortunate to live in a climate of four very distinct seasons. Now that Spring has arrived, it is time to slowly put away the toys of Winter and bring out the toys of Spring.

Outdoors, the new days begin with the sounds of birds chirping, singing and flying about. This is the new music of Nature. The plants and flowers are reaching out to the sun, the buds are growing on the trees and many animals are awakening after a long winter of hibernation. The fields are turning green, the sky is blue and all the animal kingdom and birds are welcoming this new season. Life is beginning a New Cycle and I want to be part of it!

Springtime Activities 4 U

Here, I will describe in short detail five activities that anyone can participate in to welcome the arrival of this new season. All these activities can be enjoyed with minimal equipment and knowledge , by young and old . Participating will grow your knowledge and enthusiasm , and soon you may fall in love with one or more of these. Be careful – they are addictive -, and may change your life !


The sounds and smells of Spring , are the first to get my attention , and quickly the hustle and bustle and the bright colors captivate me and my whole being becomes focused on the new season .

This will be my first Spring with a ‘ good ‘ camera, a little bit more experience and a lot of enthusiasm for all the beauty and colors of Nature. This Spring, Photography, will be one of my main activities and I hope to bring you many of these great photos. I will finally be able to record many of these wonderful creatures and landscapes that I meet on this wonderful journey .


Canoeing and Kayaking

The rivers and lakes are now thawing and life on the river banks and lake shores are coming into full bloom. The peaceful sounds of the paddle breaking the water and the smooth glide of the canoe along the lake connect you to Nature in a very profound way.

This quiet mode of travel is often less demanding physically, with the canoe or kayak carrying the load, and not your back. This silence is less disturbing, and you will see many more forms of life, that ‘noisy feet’ often scare away.



Hiking is always the easiest springtime activity to participate in. Quickly grab your backpack, choose a location and GO! The Seashore, the Lakes, rivers, and mountains – all are wonderful places to explore, and each one offers endless examples of this new season.

This link to one of my previous blogs will provide you with a quick check-up to ensure that your backpack is wilderness ready!


Backpacking and Camping

These two activities, I offer to you as one. If you are a ‘hardcore’ wilderness participant and have been camping during the past winter, then you don’t need any convincing, but if you have not been winter camping, then I recommend that you begin the new season with a few ‘day hikes’.

A few day hikes will quickly excite you to the possibility of spending the night in the wilderness. Cooking your favorite “comfort foods” over an open fire and then sleeping under a starred-filled sky is a something that everyone should experience.  This could only be improved with a full moon shining across the lake, and a loon’s cry, in the distance.



This is another easy and inexpensive hobby to give a try, if you are unsure of what to do, when out and about, in the great outdoors. A minimal of equipment and a basic knowledge of geology are all that is required to begin this interesting activity.

Prospecting here, refers to the search for Gems and Minerals – and of course, we cannot forget – GOLD! There are many places where you can learn about prospecting, and joining a Rock and Gem club in your area would be a good beginning.

Many clubs welcome new members and this is a great place to find out some of the things you need to know in the beginning. The equipment needed and where you can prospect, for example. Links to websites such as this one, http://www.gov.bc.ca/empr/,will provide lots of information to help you get started.


In Conclusion

As you easily see , all these activities can be fun and rewarding .They can all be practiced with friends or alone . Going solo is not recommended in the early stages of your wilderness education and experience shows that any activity shared with “friends” can become an extensive source of pleasant memories that last a lifetime .

All that remains is your participation and energy . They are of tremendous benefit to you on so many levels . Physically , the exercise beats any day indoors . Enjoying the sites and sounds of Nature is a wonderful way to relieve yourself of the many stresses of your day to day routines . The early morning songs of birds or the quiet of your canoe on a lake is without equal .

Spring is a time of new beginnings . It is the period of new growth after a long winter of dormancy . The seeds of new life are popping out of the ground , the buds are coming to life on the trees and the songs of birds fill the air . Do not let this time of growth and rejuvenation pass you by !

It is the New Beginnings of LIFE !


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about this blog, please do not hesitate to leave them below.

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  1. Hi, Paul. I am really enjoying your website. You are a wonderful writer and obviously, have a genuine passion for nature. I know what you mean about paddling quietly across a lake. My husband and I do get out on occasion enjoying nature in our canoe. The sound of Loons on a lake is real music to the ears. We certainly need to make more time for getting out into nature. I find that life stresses melt away when I am by a creek or lake. I really look forward to reading more of your articles. I am going to take up doing more photography of the outdoors and all its beauty. You have inspired me.

    • Thank you Ellen for the visit and for reading my work . Your comments are truly inspiring for me as well . I am new to more serious Nature photography . I am very happy to hear that you will be doing this as well . Let’s keep in touch and compare photos , so that we can help and encourage each other . Hope to see your new photos soon . Have a great day and may your canoe glide on the waters of life . Thanks …

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