My Resolve For 2017

My Resolve For 2017

Some thoughts

I offer you some thoughts to consider as you meditate the quiet beauty of Nature .

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I will ARISE early , so that I can APPRECIATE ALL that this life has to offer me .

I will BE BRAVE and enjoy the BEAUTY of nature .

I will strive to find the COURAGE that I so often lack , in sufficient quantity . I will be more COMPASSIONATE towards my fellow man .

I will be more DETERMINED in the pursuit of my tasks .

I will ENDEAVOR to maintain the ENERGY required , to continue the EDUCATION I so desperately need .

I will seek to find peace and communion with my FAMILY and FRIENDS so that I may alleviate the FEARS that so often cripple my progress .

I will be GRATEFUL to my GOD , for all that he has blessed me with .

I will not lose HOPE when life overwhelms me .

I will INVEST in my future and endeavor to be INTERESTING to all my family , friends and the people I meet .

I will live my life with JUSTICE so that the JURY does not have to decide my future .

I will show more KINDNESS towards my KINDRED , and be more KEEN in my quest for KNOWLEDGE .

I will cultivate more LOVE for my family and friends , so that I may LIVE this LIFE with more LEISURE .

I will be more appreciative of all the sacrifices that MY MOTHER has MADE for ME , and be MORE helpful to the MOTHER of MY children .

I will NOT waste my hours with NOTHINGNESS , and always be aware of the NORTH direction .

I will OPEN my mind , to OBSERVE the beauty of nature .

I will be PAUL , and not try to be other PERSONS or PEOPLE .

I will cherish QUALITY over QUANTITY.

I will show more RESOLVE so that I may REALIZE more of my dreams .

I will SEEK to be more SATISFIED with the SEASONS of my life .

I will THANK more , for THE TIME , THAT people afford me , and TRY TO keep my room – more TIDY ?!

I will endeavor to be more USEFUL to my family and friends .

I will VACATE my mind of negative thoughts , so that I can VANQUISH the demons of procrastination .

I WILL WORK , to iron my WILL to WIN !

I will imprison the demons of XENOPHOBIA under the bars of my XYLOPHONE .

I will cherish the YEARS that I have left and not YEARN for the YEARS of my YOUTH .

These I will perform with the ZEAL of a ZEALOT , so that I may add ZEST to my life .


I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors. The mountains and rivers, ... and everything in between ... is always calling me. Nature is my sanctuary.


  1. Great post Paul, thanks for sharing. If you do all this you’ll experience an awesome year in 2017. Wish you all the best, Happy New Year! Cheers

    • Thanks for the support and appreciation Diego.

      Some of these, I have been doing for a long time … others I am gradually adding to my repertoire and as always, the difficult ones, take more time!

      Happy New Year and continued success and prosperity in 2017!


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