My Resolve For 2017

My Resolve For 2017

Some thoughts

I offer you some thoughts to consider as you meditate the quiet beauty of Nature .

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I will ARISE early , so that I can APPRECIATE ALL that this life has to offer me .

I will BE BRAVE and enjoy the BEAUTY of nature .

I will strive to find the COURAGE that I so often lack , in sufficient quantity . I will be more COMPASSIONATE towards my fellow man .

I will be more DETERMINED in the pursuit of my tasks .

I will ENDEAVOR to maintain the ENERGY required , to continue the EDUCATION I so desperately need .

I will seek to find peace and communion with my FAMILY and FRIENDS so that I may alleviate the FEARS that so often cripple my progress .

I will be GRATEFUL to my GOD , for all that he has blessed me with .

I will not lose HOPE when life overwhelms me .

I will INVEST in my future and endeavor to be INTERESTING to all my family , friends and the people I meet .

I will live my life with JUSTICE so that the JURY does not have to decide my future .

I will show more KINDNESS towards my KINDRED , and be more KEEN in my quest for KNOWLEDGE .

I will cultivate more LOVE for my family and friends , so that I may LIVE this LIFE with more LEISURE .

I will be more appreciative of all the sacrifices that MY MOTHER has MADE for ME , and be MORE helpful to the MOTHER of MY children .

I will NOT waste my hours with NOTHINGNESS , and always be aware of the NORTH direction .

I will OPEN my mind , to OBSERVE the beauty of nature .

I will be PAUL , and not try to be other PERSONS or PEOPLE .

I will cherish QUALITY over QUANTITY.

I will show more RESOLVE so that I may REALIZE more of my dreams .

I will SEEK to be more SATISFIED with the SEASONS of my life .

I will THANK more , for THE TIME , THAT people afford me , and TRY TO keep my room – more TIDY ?!

I will endeavor to be more USEFUL to my family and friends .

I will VACATE my mind of negative thoughts , so that I can VANQUISH the demons of procrastination .

I WILL WORK , to iron my WILL to WIN !

I will imprison the demons of XENOPHOBIA under the bars of my XYLOPHONE .

I will cherish the YEARS that I have left and not YEARN for the YEARS of my YOUTH .

These I will perform with the ZEAL of a ZEALOT , so that I may add ZEST to my life .

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    • Thanks for the support and appreciation Diego.

      Some of these, I have been doing for a long time … others I am gradually adding to my repertoire and as always, the difficult ones, take more time!

      Happy New Year and continued success and prosperity in 2017!


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