February In The Outdoors

February In The Outdoors

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Here we are , February 1 , 2016 . Are you still following your New Year’s Resolutions … or are they long gone … only to be revived NEXT year ? Now – come on . Don’t be so weak . Pick up your socks and let’s do this ! You know you can do it , and I know you can do it . If Exercise is not your first resolution , then exercise will help to iron your will so that you are able to tackle your other resolutions !


Do not be discouraged if you’ve gone into a side-slip … there is always hope … It is not too late . There are 11 months left and I know that you can do this .

Go back to my blog here at outdoortech4u.com on January 7 , 2016 and read ” A New Year’s Resolution ” .


A Simple Plan

In it is a simple 3-step plan .

  1. Tackle only 1 resolution .
  2. Have a plan .
  3. Keep focused ONLY on that 1 resolution .

If you break down your New Year’s Resolution into these three (3) simple steps , your chances of SUCCESS will DOUBLE immediately .

Break It Down

Break it down into simple steps . Do not try to walk 2 or 3 kilometers on your first outing – just go out and walk for 15 minutes … that’s all … a nice easy pace for 15 minutes . Can anything be easier than an easy paced 15 minute walk !

Now that you are walking for 15 minutes … I want you to do this for 7 days … How easy is that …

Now , to make it easier , I have Removed 1 step for you … All you have to do is … 1) walk 15 minutes a day , and … 2) do it for 7 days …


I can’t make it ANY easier .

Back On Track

Now that you are back on track , let’s go out into the great outdoors . Start walking … breathe deeply … once , twice , three times … look around … starting to warm up … this is easy , right … swing those arms and pick up the pace a bit . Now you’re doing this – … you are exercising . It’s just that easy !

This was one of your New Year’s Resolutions – right ! Exercise and spending more time outdoors .

Why not start with simple walking . Walking will progress to hiking and voilayou are hiking in the great outdoors .

Now that you’re walking every day , why not plan a short 1-hour HIKE , at the beach , at the park or by the river . All you will need is a bottle of water . https://outdoortech4u.com/ten-things-to-bring-on-your-first-hike  and


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Walking Is EASY !

The simple act of walking outdoors will in a very short time ( 5 to  7 days ) build enough discipline in you to get you on the road to exercising-Full Time ! If you promise to yourself and COMMIT for only 7 days you will be honoring your First New Year’s Resolution or building the stamina and will power required to follow through with your other resolutions !

When March comes around , you will be quietly laughing inside , knowing that you have finally conquered that first hard step to mastering control of your life .

Take a moment to breathe … and enjoy that great warm feeling , deep inside yourself , knowing that You finally have control of your life !

This is February in the outdoors .

Now get out there and do it !

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