Ten Things To Bring On Your First Hike

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10 Things To Bring On Your First Hike

If you are new to hiking in the wilderness , look at it this way – hiking is simply walking ! However , if you plan to go hiking in the great outdoors here are a few things you should consider .

First , try to enlist one or more of your friends or acquaintances to come along . Research the area you will be hiking in . This implies to the geography , the availability of water , whether permits are required , dangerous animals such as bears and snakes , and the weather to expect while you’re hiking in this area .

Do not try to set any records on your first few hikes . Enjoying the fact that you are sharing time with Mother Nature .

1)   Friends or Partners

If you are a novice hiker , friends can make your hike more entertaining and much safer . There is great comfort to be found in nature’s rhythms .

2)   A Map Of The Area and A Compass

Knowing where you are going and what to expect will make your trip more enjoyable . A map can help you recognize the terrain as you make your way through the trails . This will introduce you to ELEVATIONS and other features that make up maps .

Even if you are unfamiliar with the use of your compass , bring it along . Bring the instructions along and study them . This is good reading while you stop to rest and if friends have come along you can turn this into a compass study group . From the instructions you will learn True North , Magnetic North , Line of Travel and taking a Bearing . If you are new to the compass , do not be overwhelmed by all this information . Stay on the trails and you will be fine . Always look back every once in a while to see what the trail will look like when you come back . The compass is outdoortech4u .

3)   A Knife

A folding knife has many uses and is always nice to have . Carry a sharpening tool and know how to use it .

4)   Water

Staying hydrated while exercising is very important . Try to bring enough water for your trip . Water is quite heavy to carry , but as you use it , this weight will be subtracted from your load . Consider purchasing a ” LifeStraw ” as a method of filtering your drinking water .

5)   Food/Snacks

These are the fuel that keep your body functioning properly . Fresh fruits , meats , cheese , chocolate and trail mix . Any food that won’t spill , break or go bad quickly can be brought along . Stick to things that you normally eat and you will avoid any type of stomach ailment that could spoil a great hiking experience . If you will only be gone for a few hours or on a day trip you do not need to bring the kitchen cupboard , however snacks for hungry stomachs are a sure way to make friends .

6)   Clothing

Layer your clothing , dress for the season , carry some form of rain gear and wear comfortable footwear . Your footwear should be at the TOP of your list . Bring your best footwear and you will be fine .

7)   A Firestarter

Carry 2 small lighters . They are inexpensive and will last you a long time . Learn how to build an emergency fire . Some parks and recreational areas have campfire bans and sometimes Forest Fire Warnings are in effect . Treat Fire with the respect it deserves .

8)   First Aid Kit

Carry a First Aid Kit in your pack and know how to use it .

9)   Backpack with a Whistle Attached to it !

A backpack will carry all your load comfortably . Attach a whistle to it , just in case you are separated from your group . 3 loud blasts signal an emergency . Remember YOU are carrying the load , so don’t make it too heavy !

10)  Someone Who Knows Where You Are !

Leave a note or text message to someone you can trust with information about where you are going and when you expect to be back . Bring your cell phone , if your provider has service in the area you will be hiking .

Hiking can be a very rewarding activity and the beginning of many great outdoor experiences . It can be combined with fishing and camping . This can lead to backpacking and the exploration of nature . On your hike , you will surely cross paths with birds , mammals and reptiles . Bring your binoculars and camera . The pictures you bring back will encourage your friends to come along and may even introduce you to new people . Soon you will be hooked on nature and planning your next adventure into the great outdoors .


I am an avid outdoors enthusiast , and I spend most of my free time in the great outdoors . The mountains and rivers , ... and everything in between ... are always calling me . Nature is my sanctuary and my connection to God !


  1. Hi Sue and thanks for re-visiting my website . I am very happy to hear that you spend a lot of time in the outdoors I DO recommend that you bring your mobile phone in tip # 10 . Cell or mobile phones are always very convenient to have with you in the event that you should require emergency treatment , however , in some areas it is almost impossible to transmit and receive a signal . In this case , an In-Reach unit which can be paired to your mobile phone can send and receive text messages almost anywhere on the planet . This ( In-Reach ) unit is in the same price range as a good mobile phone . Your first option , is to check if your cell phone provider offers service in the area that you will be hiking in . In addition to In-Reach , SPOT and Satellite phones are other options that you have . These last 3 options should be considered if you plan to venture off-grid or in areas where your mobile phone provider has NO service .

    If you have service in the area you will be hiking , your mobile phone should always be on your person . All modern phones have excellent cameras that can capture the great memories of your hikes . These can be shared with your friends and would certainly be welcomed at this website . Again , thank you for the visit and stay in touch as I will be reviewing these 3 other options in more detail .

  2. Hey Paul, I read a funny comment by this guy that if you go hiking in bear country, you should also bring a fat friend who can’t run very fast!
    On a serious note, thank you for your tips about ten things to bring on your first hike. They are very good tips indeed. You must be a very experienced hiker.
    Do you suggest that I leave out my mobile phone?
    ~ Sue

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