Walking In Winter

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Walking in Winter

This is the time of year when many of us make lots of new resolutions for the New Year . Many of us make them every year and many of us soon stop making them at all .

At the top of our lists , are all the bad habits that we are going to get rid of , but the second place is always reserved for the wonderful new habits we will be forming . Always on the list , and a perennial favorite is – exercise … oh ! how we are going to be exercising more in the New Year .

A new ‘ gym ‘ membership , running , cycling , weights … the list of activities and sports that we will be doing is so – l o n g – that we soon tire ourselves out of it ! Why not just go for a walk . Take a hike !

Walking is Easy

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Next to sitting , lying down and sleeping – WALKING , is perhaps the easiest activity for anyone inflicted with Low Motivation . After all , your lack of motivation is the reason your not exercising in the first place . Of course , this does not apply if you are sick or disabled in any way , shape or form .

The Benefits Of Walking

  • Volumes of scientific evidence have been written to prove that walking strengthens the heart and lungs .  Walking on a regular basis , will make your heart and lungs more efficient .
  • Your circulation will improve and your ability to process oxygen will be enhanced . Many scientific studies have shown that conditioning of the cardio – pulmonary system is an important factor in the fight against heart disease .
  • Walking has been shown to be more beneficial than running , since you are less likely to injure yourself walking than you would be , if you were running .
  • Walking is the most natural form of locomotion , and we humans are the best at it .
  • Many writers , artists , poets , philosophers and men of science have all been avid walkers and they all extol its benefits for enhancing creativity and helping them to think clearly .
  • Walking is an excellent way to lose weight . What exercise , could be safer than walking to someone who is overweight and out-of-shape !
  • Walking will help you sleep better , by relieving the stresses of day to day living that interfere with your body’s ability to rest .
  • Walking is an Olympic Sport . There are 20 and 50 kilometer events .
  • Walking is a great way to improve muscle tone and reduce lower back problems , that often result from our sedentary way of life .
  • Walking is the best way to explore nature . Because of its slower pace , we are better able to see , hear , touch , smell and sometimes taste nature !

Nature’s Medicine

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As you can plainly see , the benefits of walking are endless . Walking is so simple , so easy and so beneficial to us humans that we often fail to appreciate its purpose .

Walking will help your heart and lungs . Walking will help you lose weight . Walking will help you to sleep better and wake up more rested .

You can even walk your way to an Olympic Gold Medal .

There are just too many benefits to walking to mention here . I welcome your comments and suggestions about all the benefits that walking have brought you ! And of course , winter walking will bring you to walking in the sun !

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