What is the Best Survival Kit?

What is the best survival kit?

In an effort to understand what makes up the best survival kit, let’s begin by defining what a survival kit really is.

A survival kit is a collection of items, tools, and things that should make the aftermath of an emergency or disastrous situation easier to bear.

Do not always think about wilderness survival. Have you ever considered what would be the most useful to have after a hurricane, an earthquake or even a major fire?

Where do you live? Do live in the city or in the country? Do live inland or by the ocean? Are you young or old? Do you need medication or not?

This is where you must begin. What is your situation and which items will be of greater benefit to you and your family?

Why do you need a survival kit?

Survival is the strongest of all human instincts! It is more powerful than your sexual instinct! Every human being will do everything they can imagine or think of to survive, … that is to remain alive.

There are countless numbers of stories of human beings surviving against incredible odds. Given this very clear option, it is easy to make a case for any type of kit that will assist in this process.

What is the purpose of your kit?

The purpose of your survival kit should be general and specific, at the same time. Let me explain. It is practical and wise to have different types of kits for all the major sectors of your life.

Prepared means ready. If you are well prepared for an emergency at home, and an earthquake strikes when you are at work or at school, your level of preparedness suddenly drops to zero. The same holds true for being prepared at home and at work but having no emergency supplies in your vehicle.

The purpose of building and having these kits is not to instill fear and insecurity in you. I want to offer you the opposite. When you begin constructing these kits for yourself, you are going to become much more aware of what you need and when you will need it. You will also begin to understand how many simple, commonplace items have many practical uses.

When should you purchase a ready-made kit?

There are many excellent kits on the market today and they can be an important starting point for this process. Premade units are often constructed by people that do not live in the same geographical area as you live in.

If you live on the American East Coast you are more likely to be exposed to hurricanes and tidal surges.

People living on the West Coast are more likely to have to deal with Earthquakes.

Your part of the world and the activities that you participate in are very different for everyone. We are not always confronted with the same challenges and so our physical requirements often need different solutions. This is why you must first consider what you may or may not need should an emergency fall upon you.

I would highly recommend that you study the contents of these kits to see what they contain and how these items could be of use to you in an emergency.

Which items could you use?  Which items do you feel are unnecessary for your purpose? Could you build this kit for less money? Could you build a better kit for the same money?

You can, but first, you must learn how. This can only be accomplished with research and experience.

When should you make your own kit?

You should begin constructing your own survival kit as soon as you finish reading this post.

If you have lived at your present address for only a short period of time, you already have access to many items that belong in all survival kits and that have many useful purposes.

You should begin by first organizing many of these items in strong, durable bags, buckets, or containers that you already have around the house.

Here is a list to get you started

  • food, canned foods, non-perishables, high energy snacks
  • small stoves and fuel, firestarters
  • clothing, do you live in a cold climate, do you live in a wet climate
  • extra blankets, sleeping bags
  • shelter, tarps, a roll of construction grade polyvinyl
  • flashlights, headlamps, and batteries
  • smartphones and chargers
  • cordless power tools
  • a generator and fuel
  • pic and shovel
  • first aid supplies
  • a fire extinguisher
  • water, water filters
  • personal hygiene, simple soap, and water
  • tools, duct tape, a wrench to shut off your gas line
  • plywood for doors and windows think hurricanes
  • fireproof and bombproof safety boxes for important papers
  • do you have small children
  • are you caring for seniors
  • your vehicle, do you have an extra fuel can
  • heavy bags and containers
  • all of the useful things that I forgot to mention

This list seems long and exhaustive but do not let it intimidate you. Most of these items will fit into 3 or 4 heavy duffle bags. Put them in your garage or in a closet. Think about being prepared.

Every Spring and Summer, many areas in North America are under evacuation alert. The rivers overflow their banks and huge swaths of forests are destroyed by fire.

These bags and containers can quickly be thrown into a car or truck and make life a lot more bearable for your family and friends, with lots left over to help someone in greater need than you.

What is the Best Survival Kit?
getting out of here

Important Conclusions

Be Prepared! This is an adage that has stood the test of time. It does not need justification. No one, in their right mind could argue against this concept.

This concept only needs to be put into practice.

Do not fall into the trap of always “preparing for the end of the world”.

Just be aware that a little preparation can go a long way!

You, as an individual, need to begin thinking about how to best survive an emergency. This selfish concept has a purpose. If you survive, you can help your family and friends. If you do not survive, you cannot help anyone.

Instead of being a helper, you are now a burden!

Do we need more helpers or more burdens?

Comments, Questions, or Suggestions

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about which type of survival kit would best suit your situation, do not hesitate to Contact Me for more details.


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